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Wang Feng Zhang Ziyi couple models appeared   tutor for promotion places with fancy – Yunnan Channel – Friday night, "new song" Chinese will usher in the nest six places strong battle, not only their firepower, instructors also spare no effort to draw the judges. But Zhang Ziyi had also appeared in the rehearsal scene, wearing lovers, the strength of vanves". Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi couple models appeared out of the rehearsal scene understanding cited envy recently, bill Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng group participants rehearsal, Wang Feng had to watch the tape by cash commitment of participants. Even in private, the rehearsal scene two people or to put on the couple with a tacit understanding. Two people are wearing black hat hat down, wearing glasses, wearing a white T-shirt, even daily dress, still see out of the tacit understanding. In a "window" in students rehearse the songs, Zi Yi is the incarnation of a shy little woman, pink Wang Feng asked: "this song is for you I choose?" The students and the staff was really a mouthful of food! And especially love to her student Xu Geyang, from time to time to give her cheer, even repeatedly asked: "what time do you rehearse? I want to hear you sing." Two people love interaction out, but also to the previous network rumor collapse of itself. Jielun Wang Feng thanks to arranger virtuoso review review for "new China favor Bo song" six seats, teachers also win favor with fancy review. When Jielun sings in the students not forget to seek the students to judge a bosom friend, Yang wonderful interpretation of a modified version of "Desperado", Jielun generous that he "took the song, the song and Chinese songs" forget "the perfect combination." And proudly said: "two chords were exactly the same way, together, I just look at the jury intentionally, someone was surprised to whisper, I will feel successful." Then he and between himself and the judges immediately, Shuaqi "be careful", by seeking bosom friend like tone to the judges said: "I think that I could hear the meaning, you will hear", "just do not let him sing the chorus two times, only once. Let people have enough feeling, in fact, there should be applause here, thank you!" Compared to Jielun to seek a bosom friend behavior, Wang Feng directly to review thanks. In the first group of students came to Xu Geyang after the end of the show, Wang Feng was active thanks to a jury: "there are many very professional views, I told my students a lot of their review, there is indeed a lot of great help for them." And then the students after the show, Wang Feng will always be the first time for the band to express their thanks, sound engineers, sincere and low-key and humble attitude of people favor multiplication. Source:     09 2016 30 August 11:37 share to: (commissioning editor Zhu Hongxia and Xu Qian)相关的主题文章: