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Wandering in Jishou, go not over of Miao ancient village tourism Sohu in early autumn, I finally stood the famous Aizhai bridge is the middle of the soles of the feet, like the ants crawling in the vehicle the beautiful mountain road; in front of clouds in the mountains, BaiZhuanQianHui, approximate true; the sound of drums and Miao songs mixed together. Echoed in the valley. Jishou Drum Culture Festival is held here in 2016, a feast for all the people has kicked off the prelude! Aizhai bridge: a large suspension bridge in the world first in the next round of Aizhai Yishanbangshui, towering steep mountain, Hunan and Sichuan Road through the village, Aizhai is Xiangxi’s most famous Miao village, where the birth of a four generation of Miao drum king. Dwarf village is simple, but it is ahead of. Here a seat set 4 world first bridge – Aizhai suspension bridge, the world’s first 4 are: the bridge main span of 1176 meters, cross the canyon bridge, creating the world’s first; for the first time by structural design of tower and beam completely separated, and the first in the world; for the first time the erection of steel truss beam rail cable sliding method, a first in the world; the rock anchor sling structure, prestressed steel and carbon fiber as materials, creating the world’s first. The whole bridge in a graceful arc across the two mountain peaks, the bridge is divided into two layers, the upper and lower traffic, pedestrians, the morning mist rises, walk in the red bridge construct geometric lines, like strolling on the clouds in wonderland. The bridge on both sides of the cliff towering peaks, such as blade; under the bridge, one of the most beautiful Chinese ten road as the silver snake sort, winding in the trees Nongyin, a large green tile loomed in the valley between the plain area, it is the place of residence of Miao people. The middle part of the bridge, there are two bridges on the glass, the glass, the air suspension as a tremble with fear! Jishou Drum Festival: visit the original ecological Jishou is also inspired by the Miao Miao village, Gu xiang! Drum elements can be seen everywhere here, this year’s "Jishou Drum Festival" will be held in Potou Aizhai bridge. Consisting of hundreds of people from the mountainside row drum team go forward with great strength and vigour to the top of the hill, a guest, welcome drum sound, inspired by the Miao jump, a peak time of the whole day into a sea of joy, visitors flooded in drum world by powerful drums deeply infected, wearing costumes of the Miao people swarmed uphill from passing from the side, trance as through! Drum is a musical instrument at the same time, it is also a kind of culture. The Jishou Drum Festival, we have the honor to see Xi’an drum court spirit, Taiwan war, the Changshan war wild dynamic surging, the Russian bell inspired by the elegant and graceful, the most attractive of course I Xiangxi Miao is encouraging, slowly as sharp as freely flowing style of writing, the climax of Ten thousand steeds gallop. shock people’s spirits. With the male voice, dance and have a strong sense of power! And most of the performers are ordinary residents. Drum dance of Xiangxi Miao nationality has a long history, is the Miao people’s favorite dance, Xiangxi Miao is sacred, as many as dozens of common flowers, a single woman, encouraging encouraging encouragement, encouragement, encouragement and single men reunion. The Hmong encouraged the performance of the Miao people’s faith and the courage of the national spirit. As early as 2006, hunan.相关的主题文章: