Wall Street English easy money refund to refund time delay excuse-crycry

Wall Street English easy money refund to refund the original title: excuse to postpone the time to refund money to Wall Street before the date of registration, Ms. Zhang in Wall Street English class stores in Chongwen 5 days later, he proposed a refund, the staff was asked to provide medical records to prove. Several rounds of negotiations, the other said a refund within 45 days of arrival, but an excuse to delay. President of the store, Mr. Han responded yesterday that the refund will be credited to the account within a week. Wall Street English headquarters public relations, will urge the store to deal with and improve services. Refund to pay medical records to prove Ms. Zhang said that in August 31st to the Beijing Morning Post reporter, she spent 57800 yuan for English training at the Wall Street store in Chongwen, a few days have relatives from home call, said her mother was ill need someone to take care of, I intend to return home". Ms. Zhang said, when she was just in Wall Street on the three lesson, according to the refund treaty, the later the more the application fee deduction". Reporters saw from the course contract, 7 days after the start of the course to drop out, need to deduct 500 yuan management fee, followed by accumulation. Ms. Zhang Italy has decided in September 4th to its mother sick to put out the course sales, the other asked her to provide medical records to prove, "did not expect payment easy refund difficult, my mother’s medical records to prove my own personal privacy, the contract also did not specify this requirement." The next day, accompanied by a friend, Ms. Zhang to negotiate with the Wall Street again, she heard the reporter from the recording, the salesman said can be removed from the medical records to prove, but also to the shop on the grounds to refuse to handle. Drag to 7 days will buckle me more money, so I insisted on going back on the spot, a few arguments, the other side can not agree, and in the case of Ms. Zhang to apply for refund period of 45 days. An excuse to delay the refund time in mid October, to date, have not received a refund to the headmaster Ms. Zhang asked stores. He said 45 days should receive a refund, I need to sign the amount of money to the school." October 23rd, Ms. Zhang went to the campus finance department to fill out a refund amount of documents, and the financial officer of the argument made her angry again, she actually said that from the date of signing 45 days refund". Zhang said that the financial staff explained that she submitted a refund before the application is handwritten, the signing of the seal is the official application. Reporters saw from the terms of the contract, the date of termination of the contract to submit a written application to the date of the consumer prevail". "Handwritten application is not a written application?" Ms. Zhang is difficult to accept this argument. Within a week promised refunds arrival reporters yesterday at the Chongwen store President Han Xiansheng, he said that the sales staff asked Ms. Zhang to provide medical records to prove, because the school is for each occurrence of a refund need to indicate the real reason, in order to avoid the work of negligence, but also convenient for Ms. Zhang as soon as possible. At that time the sales call to talk about this thing, I said that if the students can provide, then quickly to do the refund, do not delay others." For the refund period, Mr. Han denied the financial staff said, "according to the students submitted September 5th refund 45 days calculated during the eleven departments and the bank may rest, has not yet led to the account, the refund has returned to the bank on相关的主题文章: