Walking on the edge of the public Empty Nester alone-dxperience

Empty Nester walking on the edge of the lonely Yunnan public capital of Kunming, since ancient times, the "Spring City" reputation, is a national historical and cultural city, is one of the important center city in the western area of china. Here is located in the middle of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau is mountain landform. Kunming three mountains, south of Dianchi, a landscape of lakes and mountains, natural charm. With the development of Kunming society, increase the number of young migrant workers, the aging of the population increase, Empty Nester becomes a serious social problem now. Empty Nester, this group is no stranger to the public with their children left home, accidental death, celibacy, an aging society and a series of reasons, more and more Empty Nester. Alone " empty nest " in the elderly under great psychological pressure on the spirit. The old people’s food and clothing, the inconvenience of the present life, lonely sad and helpless in the future life of the helpless, gradually attracted people’s attention, and has become one of the increasingly serious problem of aging society, has become China’s urgent social proposition. However, this group rarely into public view, and thus become public welfare undertakings in the edge of the crowd. Bao entertainment made the program "we together", inviting the commonweal stars together led the public into the Empty Nester group, to pay attention to the kindness of heart warming moments. "We are together with you into Wang Lanlan’s" three dollars "we love the cafeteria together", is China’s first file Star public service program, on the evening of September 7, 2016 21:20 in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcasting. The first phase of the program on current blind guide dogs and China, will launch a attracted wide attention of the society. Second program, will continue to lead the public into the cause of public welfare. This is about love sister Wang Lanlan love will take you into the dining room, Wang Lanlan built for Empty Nester love world. In Kunming, the first low-cost housing area – happy home community, more than 3000 residents of the district has at least more than 130 elderly people living alone, many of whom are physically disabled or suffering from serious illness. A simple three meals a day, for these old people is a difficult thing. As a result, the "Kunming good" Wang Lanlan opened a forever in the loss of love canteen. The 43 year old Wang Lanlan is Yunnan Lincang people, because charity is known, from the "ten touching mother" and "Kunming man", to "ten Yunling filial piety stars", then to "the most beautiful Chinese", Wang Lanlan has been walking on the road of folk public welfare. This love in the dining room, Wang Lanlan and her volunteers to make the most cheap foods in the world for the old people. The old people come to dinner, as long as three yuan per meal. If the elderly patients to get out of bed, or severe disability and unattended, love canteen will deliver; where there is a monthly payment of meals, over time but not to dinner for the elderly, love canteen to send home to visit. Wang Lanlan’s three Yuan love canteen in Kunming has become a public landscape, influence and lead the public into the Empty Nester in the care of Sheren Tang Liu Wei as Sheren Tang and TVB together contribute to the well-known singer Liu Wei is usually enthusiastic public love stars for love canteen, entertainment treasure by the un.相关的主题文章: