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The villagers will be Peru money when the stock cheated tens of thousands of Yuan data figure original title: Meizhou, a village by the Peru currency when the "stock" cheated tens of thousands of Yuan "thought he cheated money can not be recovered, the child this year, college costs are uncertain, it can take back the money the heart is really very happy, thanks to the Fengshun court the judge." Recently, the victim Zheng Mounai a fraud to the SACP county court court office, the silk banner to the tribunal judge hands, thank the judges for its cheated recover some of the money. It’s going to start in August 3rd last year. The same day, Zhang Ping, Zhang and Li Moulong were riding a motorcycle from Xingning city to Fengshun County town construction, use a few bundles for $1000 a piece of the Peru currency, the local villagers Zheng Mounai lied "foreign currency stock", to 7 yuan a share buy back to 10 yuan a shares to sell, earn high profits from. Zheng Mounai, a total of 66000 yuan in cash for gospel truth, will give Zhang dimension four, four dimensional money Zhang Zheng Mounai said there is still 2000 yuan, and gave 10 Peru dollars to the designated place to let him find Lin boss brother-in-law for $2000 in cash. However, Zheng Mounai has not seen the so-called "forest boss brother, back, Zhang and other four dimension was missing, and realized that he cheated, immediately reported the matter. Zhang Wei, after four people succeeded, each share 16500 yuan. And the public security organs will soon be Zhang Wei, Zhang Mouping and Zhang Fei and other three people arrested and arrested, Li Moulong is at large. In January 12th this year, Fengshun court accepted the defendant Zhang Wei, Zhang Ping, Zhang Moufei suspected of fraud case. The presiding judge of the case in the trial of the cases, to understand the money the victim cheated Zheng Mounai is ready to give their children to college tuition, which for a number of Mounai Zheng is not small. The presiding judge on the one hand to ease the victim Zheng Mounai emotions, on the other hand, repeatedly contact Zhang Wei and other three defendants family members, do the defendant’s family members of the ideological work, I hope they can first refund the fraud payments, so that the victim Zheng Mounaiyi home compensation as soon as possible losses. After the efforts of the presiding judge, the family members of the three defendants returned the relevant funds voluntarily to three defendants, amounting to 49500 yuan to the victim Zheng Zheng, who was also sympathetic to the three defendants. The Peru dollar is often used as a tool for fraud it is understood that the Peru currency is a general term for the currency of Republic of Peru, including the new sol is no longer in circulation, and Saul intis began in 1991 in circulation, the new sol for the current (2013) currency. Peru currency does not belong to circulating currency in China, nor does the bank exchange money. It is often illegally committed by other criminals to defraud other foreign currencies. There are several reasons for the cheater’s preference for Peru coin: one is that the price is low, the 1000 yuan denomination is only RMB a few dollars; in addition, the money is easily fooled into dollars, euros and other currencies. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi

村民将秘鲁币当股票被骗走数万元 资料图   原标题:梅州一村民被秘鲁币当“股票”骗走数万元   “原以为自己被骗的钱无法追回,小孩今年读大学的费用都将无着落了,现在能拿回这些钱心里真的很高兴,感谢丰顺法院的法官。”近日,一宗诈骗案的被害人郑某乃来到丰顺县法院刑庭办公室,将一面锦旗送到该院刑庭法官手中,感谢法官为其追回被骗部分款项。   事情还得从去年8月3日说起。当天,张某平、张某飞和李某龙等四人骑摩托车从兴宁市来到丰顺县建桥镇,使用几捆面额为1000元一张的秘鲁币,对当地村民郑某乃谎称是“外币股票”,可以以7元一股买入后再以10元一股转卖,从中赚取高额利润。郑某乃信以为真,共将66000元现金交给张某维等四人,张某维等四人拿到钱后对郑某乃称还差2000元,并给了10张秘鲁币让他到指定地点找“林老板妹夫”换2000元现金。然而,郑某乃始终没有见到所谓的“林老板妹夫”,返回原地后,张某维等四人也不见了踪影,这才意识到自己被骗,立即报了案。   张某维等四人得手后各分得16500元。而公安机关也很快将张某维、张某平和张某飞等三人抓获归案,李某龙则在逃。今年1月12日,丰顺法院立案受理了被告人张某维、张某平、张某飞涉嫌诈骗罪一案。该案主审法官在审理案件的过程中,了解到被害人郑某乃被骗的这笔钱是准备给其小孩上大学的费用,这对于郑某乃一家来说是不小的数目。主审法官一方面缓解被害人郑某乃的情绪,另一方面多次联系张某维等三名被告人的家属,做被告人家属的思想工作,希望他们可以先代退诈骗款项,让被害人郑某乃一家尽快补偿损失。经过主审法官的努力,三名被告人的家属自愿代三名被告人退还相关款项共49500元给被害人郑某乃,后者也对三名被告人予以谅解。   秘鲁币常被用作诈骗工具   据了解,秘鲁币是秘鲁共和国货币的总称,包括已不再流通的印蒂、索尔和1991年开始流通的新索尔,其中新索尔为现行(2013年)流通货币。秘鲁币在中国境内不属于流通货币,银行也不予兑换,常被不法分子冒充其他外币实施诈骗。   骗子“偏爱”秘鲁币,有几方面原因:其一是价格低廉,1000元面值的每张仅需人民币几元钱;此外是这种钱很容易忽悠成美元、欧元等货币。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: