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Venice is now the "holy way" China fans look forward to "my way" – San entertainment channel, original title: Venice is now the "holy way" China fans look forward to "my holy way" street full of "my holy way" poster postcard rack is "my way" European friends of St. my friends love "holy way" "holy way" of Venice is now in Italy for the elderly "my holy way" beautifully crafted works recently, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival Grand opening. A lot of high production, high quality video turns screenings, harvest applause and bursting reputation. Chinese film, the first original story "Yi San". I will be local time on the afternoon of September 5th 2, grand screenings at the film festival. "My way" will this Yi wind blew through the whole of Venice. From the walls of the street to the store’s postcard rack, from the road to the benchmark to the hands of pedestrians, everywhere can see the holy way posters and leaflets. An old man who loves Chinese culture, but also for the film produced a beautifully decorated, colorful poster works, to participate in the Venice Film Festival, the promotion of tourists in Italy. The old man said with a smile, "I love the poster on the Chinese girl, she is very beautiful". In addition, many European friends of the "my way" expressed strong love, claiming to be very interested in Chinese movies. "My holy way" by the Liangshan cultural radio and television media group limited, Canada Dragon International Film Company Haisheng CO produced, directed by the famous director Zhang Li, tells the story of the legendary story of young Yi Sha Yi motor to find the soul of the Holy land. With the help of the Liangshan vast dignified natural scenery and mysterious ancient ethnic customs, the film at the International Film Festival on the stage, was unveiled to the world of yi! Previously, the film was nominated for the fortieth session of the Montreal International Film Festival screenings unit, and hold the North American premiere in Imperial cinema. Foreign audiences praised the film’s national characteristics and the concept of peace, and played a rare score of 85 points. There are many viewers said that the film opened a door to Chinese culture, they are fascinated by the charm of the Oriental charm. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: