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Vehicle tire with no warning triangle highway drivers put mahjong mahjong machine as a Sohu news emergency on the high-speed road Chongqing evening news at noon yesterday, the city traffic administrative law enforcement detachment of the second battalion of the law enforcement team of five highway patrol to the direction of the city of Shanghai Chengdu expressway tunnel entrance lotus, found an automatic mahjong machine actually placed in the high way, mahjong machine nearby, parked in front of a car, had to avoid passing vehicles. Mahjong machine not only accounts for the emergency lane, also occupied the right lane, is engaged in acts of art on the highway?" A law enforcement officer suspects. As the distance gradually approaching, law enforcement officers to see clearly, parked in front of the mahjong machine, the car is changing tires. According to the driver Ceng Jun (a pseudonym), they are a group of 2 people from Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, ready to go to Hubei, did not think the car is traveling to the territory of the Shanghai Chengdu Expressway in Yunyang County, the left rear tire suddenly, had parked in the emergency lane change a tire. Because the car did not take warning triangle, zhaolaizhaoqu find the car can move away from the big things only this car loaded with mahjong machine, so they will have to put in the mahjong machine lane and emergency lane after the party, put a flashlight in the open mahjong machine, rear warning car. Understand the situation, law enforcement officers immediately to the mahjong machine outside the highway guardrail, and monitor the driver for a good tire. Since then, according to the provisions of the "ninety People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law", to the car driver Lee for vehicle malfunction, illegal parking is not in accordance with the provisions given a fine of 200 yuan, down 3 points in administrative penalties. Law enforcement officers told them, according to relevant laws, motor vehicles with triangular warning signs must be carried with the car. "I really did not pay attention to these details, careless! The penalty was also paid tuition, the future must learn." Zeng Jun also hope to use their own experience to the national day of the driver’s friends to mention a wake up, driving on the road, the vehicle must be carefully checked. This group of articles by the Chongqing evening news chief reporter Xia Xiangzhou photo coverage of the national day of self driving travel to do what is necessary to prepare for the National Day travel to do the preparatory work? How to deal with the fault of the vehicle on the highway or after the accident? What should be noted on the road? The high-speed law enforcement support for you: 1, check the good condition, do the preparatory work before the trip in order to prevent the failure of the vehicle traveling on the highway before, be sure to check the good condition, pay attention to various kinds of instrument is normal, the vehicle has no abnormal noise, light is not effective braking. At the same time, before going out, should also check the emergency stop signs are intact. 2, develop a good travel plan, safe driving. As the National Day travel vehicles are more prone to congestion phenomenon, should develop good driving plan before the trip, try to avoid in October 1st, 7, and 8 every morning to 11 pm, 3 to 7 when the traffic peak travel periods. If you encounter the need for Law Enforcement Assistance on the road, please call 12122 for help. High speed law enforcement agencies are also inter provincial station, the main station,.相关的主题文章: