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Valentine’s day sends these three gifts to make dating romantic upgrade – Sohu BNT news full of love Valentine’s day, is for lovers lovers tailored holiday. On the day of the festival, of course, you need to be prepared to capture the hearts of men. Romantic Valentine’s Day is as sweet and sweet as cotton candy. We can choose to drink red wine in the elegant restaurant, watch the night scene together, and create a warm and romantic atmosphere. If you’re preparing for Valentine’s day in 2016, choose a few gifts for your beloved. Here are three gifts that are absolutely worth touching by your boyfriend. Every Valentine’s day, sweet chocolate becomes the first gift of lovers. Chocolate as an essential gift for Valentine’s day, not only carries a full mind and sincerity, but also contains a deep love. But compared to the street stalls enough to buy chocolate, it is recommended to go to the regular shops to buy carefully. Japan’s high grade dessert Royce chocolate is the highest quality product that has been made with the most advanced materials all over the world. It rejects the European style chocolate taste hard, too sweet and too rich, variety is not changed, and instead of soft taste, moderate sweetness, low fat and variety of flavors and other advantages, but also gave her boyfriend a more appropriate gift. Meet? Grups "Lego (LEGO)" Zhuangnen family (Kidult) is a combination of a new hybrid Kid+Adult vocabulary, mainly used to call nearly free adults. For the love of childhood toys, cartoons, biscuits, clothes and perfumes, almost 20-30 adult stage of the crowd, we will call the Zhuangnen family. The Lego toys of all hands in childhood are now not limited to children’s LEGO world. From the movie "happy big movie" to see the crowd can know, adult love for Lego toys is no exception. Lego has a different price, if you can choose this Valentine’s Day gift to him, will let him put heart flower road. Cosmetics for your boyfriend, and if you still think cosmetics are just women’s exclusive rights, you’re wrong. Now, with the increase of grooming family, men have begun to open the door of skin care management. In the cold and dry winter, you might as well buy a set of moderate skin care products for your boyfriend on Valentine’s day. Tara THELAVICOS THE MOST ACTIVE CARE SET SKIN (4pieces) is a set of skin care products, which can strengthen the natural and pure skin, activate the regeneration rhythm of the skin, and maintain a long time of moisture and luster. For male skin care management, to focus on moisturizing skin care foundation skin care products should be the best choice. Liu Xie Jia according to HP& C, THELAVICOS, Royce, Tara? LEGO Lego official screenshots, BNT news DB HTS

情人节送这三款礼物 让约会浪漫升级-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 充满爱意的情人节,是为相爱的恋人量身定制的节日。在节日当天,想要俘获男人的心,当然还需有所准备。   浪漫的情人节似如棉花糖般香浓而甜蜜。我们可以选择在优雅的餐厅喝着红酒,一起观赏夜景,营造出温馨而浪漫的氛围。   如果你正在为2016年的情人节做准备,不妨挑选几件礼物送给心爱的他。下面就为你介绍三款绝对值得让男友倍加感动的礼物。   ? 情谊浓浓的巧克力      每到情人节,香甜浓蜜的巧克力成为情侣们的首先礼物。巧克力作为情人佳节的必备礼物,不仅承载着满满的心意与真诚,还包含了浓浓的爱意。但相比于在街头小摊够买巧克力,建议去正规的商店细心选购。   日本高级甜点Royce巧克力是使用享誉全球的最高级材料而打造出的最高品质的产品。它摈弃了欧式巧克力口感硬,口味太甜及太腻,品种变化不大等特点,而代之于口感柔软,甜味适中,低脂及口味变化多端等优点,同时也是送给男友再合适不过的礼物了。   ? 满足装嫩族的“乐高(LEGO)”      “装嫩族(Kidult)”是由Kid+Adult组合而成的新兴混种词汇,主要用于称呼年近不惑的成人。对于喜爱幼年时期的玩具、漫画、饼干、衣服以及香水等,近乎20-30代成人阶段的人群,我们都将之称为装嫩族。   儿童时期人手都有的乐高(LEGO)玩具,现在不只仅限于儿童的世界。从电影《乐高大电影》的观看人群便可得知,成年人对乐高玩具的喜爱也不例外。乐高玩具拥有着不同的价位,如果你能在情人节选择这份礼物送给他,必定能让他心花路放。   ? 适合男友使用的化妆品      倘若你还在认为化妆品只是女性的专有权,那你就大错特错了。现随grooming族的增加,男性也开始打开了护肤管理的大门。在寒冷干燥的冬季,不妨趁情人节之际买一套价格适中的护肤品送给“你”的男友。   泰拉?赋活湿润4种套装(THELAVICOS THE MOST ACTIVE SKIN CARE SET(4pieces))是致力于皮肤基础护理的套装产品,能强化自然纯净的皮肤,激活皮肤的再生节奏,并保持长时间的滋润和光彩。对于男性护肤管理,能够集中保湿护肤的基础护肤产品就应该是最佳的首选。柳正 谢嘉依 文 HP&C,THELAVICOS 泰拉?,Royce,LEGO 乐高官方截图,bnt新闻DB http:   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱news@bntnews相关的主题文章: