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Health Vaccinations is an antigenic medicine which is been given to the childrens at the very young age to avoid the diseases. It is been used as a protection from the disease. The very .mon word use to these vaccinations is the vaccine. These vaccines should be taken and helps to prevent all the infection and effects from the persons body. When a person is been diagnosed to particular disease then one has to go for medication and various process which may cure the disease present in ones body. It plays a very important role to kill the bacteria and virus which are harmful to a person. If this infection increases spread in different part of body then you may cause too many problems which are curable or non curable. Some can be risky and some can be also mild one. These vaccinations purify the pathogens and also destroy them so that you can proper nutrition to the body system. One may cause various diseases like polio, small pox, cowpox and lot more. This all diseases or can say problems occurs mostly in the childhood age so there are various childhood vaccinations which is to be given. Chicken pox and polio are the major disease which occurs to children so it is a responsibility of the parents to give these vaccines on time. For example, if you forget to give a vaccine to your child or baby then there are chances that your child may suffer from polio which is a non curable disease and it .es in the category of disables. The childhood vaccinations are to be given to both young girls and boys. The vaccines given to the age of 12 to 13 years girls, so that they dont get contracted to the HPV which is known as human papilloma virus which also causes cervical cancer. In this method they are given injection thrice in the course of six months. Giving vaccine to your child is easy because you get take them to any school, hospital or dispensary where this vaccinations are free of cost available. The polio vaccinations are been given to a baby from the age of two months to five years. This process is been followed from many years and it is been use all around the world. There are camps arranged to give the childhood vaccinations door to door in every urban area where disease and infections are more affected to the persons and childrens. Those who have pet at their home both pet and the family members are been vaccinated as a precaution because due to bite of pet like dog one can get contracted to rabies. These vaccinations which help to kill the virus and bacteria from the body of patient. Tuberculosis, cancer, rabies, polio and lot more problems may make a life of a person miserable so for them vaccine is a must given at very early age. It is medicine which helps you as a protection before contracted to it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: