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USI holdings issued to clarify the announcement: to inject LETV and denying that the investment has no plan to clarify the announcement Sina Francisco November 16th afternoon, USI Holdings (Stock Code: 01999) at noon today issued to clarify the announcement, statement of the group at this stage has not had no plans to make any investment arrangements of music. In November 15th, LETV holdings announced that LETV has received $600 million investment, according to sources of investment for LETV Hengxing group, Hailanjituan, USI holdings, diving group, green group and dozens of companies. LETV yesterday released more than and 10 companies, including the above six companies, clearly expressed intention to invest, a total investment of LETV for $600 million, will be divided into two, 300 million dollars will be early this month to the account. According to informed sources, the investment side of the music, as the founder of the music holding Jia Yueting in the Yangtze River Business School students. At present, separated by less than a day, "the students of USI holdings issued a statement denying it this is embarrassing. (Xu Li) following the announcement to clarify the full text: Man Wah Holdings Ltd (the "company", together with its Affiliated Companies collectively the "group") board of directors (the "board") hereby referred to the recent investment in the company of LETV arrangement ("investment") for media coverage. According to public information, the music seems to be engaged in an Internet video, film and television production and distribution, intelligent terminals, the application of the market, e-commerce, Internet smart electric vehicles and other businesses. The board has clarified that the group has not and is currently planning to carry out any such investment arrangements. The company’s shareholders and investors trading in the shares of the company to exercise caution. By order of the board of Man Wah Holdings Ltd President Huang Minli of Hongkong, the latest progress in November 16, 2016: November 16th, asiapharm (02186.HK) announced that the holding of 15 days outside the company disclosed the investment as a clarification, saying there is no plan. Update: Minhua holdings issued additional clarification announcement, said the chairman of the board of directors confirmed Huang Minli himself is considering personal identity of LETV investment.相关的主题文章: