Users buy a new mobile phone, Alipay can be found to bind the other account transfer money from Beij-msvbvm60.dll

Users buy a new mobile phone, Alipay can be found to bind to transfer money from the other account Beijing to replace the mobile phone number, just to give you a new bulk SMS notification number so simple? Today, a variety of mobile phone applications are required to bind APP mobile phone number, mobile phone number if bound in pin before termination of these accounts, the risk is likely to face the new owner account is misuse, fraudulent use of the mobile phone number. The new phone number actually gift micro signal at the beginning of the new semester, just entered the first year of graduate students have encountered a problem. She is from where the operator to buy a new mobile phone number, but was warned in the mobile phone number registered WeChat, "more than the mobile phone number has been bound to a WeChat account, micro signal is displayed on the screen is another picture of a stranger. "Xiao Fu, I use the phone number search plus your WeChat, and how is the picture of others?" Friends around question. Xiao Fu also puzzled, he just bought the mobile phone number is not used, how it has registered a micro signal? Go to the operating room after consulting, business hall staff told her that this phone number with her micro signal binding strangers, should be on the phone number of a master. It turned out that when a phone number was canceled after the old master to give up the use of this number will not be idle for a long time operators. After the phone number has been canceled, the operator will keep you for 1 to 3 months, during which you can buy back the number. If more than 3 months, the number may be re entered the market by other users to buy." Mobile business hall staff told reporters. Reporters found that the number of operators to cancel the number of re entering the market before the vacant period of different settings, moving for 1 to 3 months, China Unicom for the 3 to 5 months. Balance the risk of theft WeChat, Alipay high "unbundling?" Yesterday, when reporters came to Jinsong near a business consulting sales matters, to remind staff. However, reporters found that in daily life, the pin number before the "not many unbundling conscious people. The reporter interviewed 20 people, their mobile phone number and bank card, micro-blog, WeChat and APP software, including 12 members of the public said, they change the mobile phone number, are not aware of the need to lift the mobile phone binding, basically is to apply for a micro signal. Mr. Luo admitted that he is worried about the application of mobile phone number to bind WeChat, easy to disclose personal information, so only the application number QQ signal. No time bound solution, not just micro signal is mistaken embarrassing friends. If the mobile phone number of new owner of bad intentions, it could even make you face the risk of loss of property. This does not, the user Timo on the success of a black test. A few months ago, when she was to buy a new mobile phone number from operators, the mobile phone number has been found with a Alipay account bound. Use "password" function, access to the Alipay account login password via SMS, she successfully entered the other Alipay account. "Oh, God, actually came in, do not know to turn out the money is not able to succeed?" Holding on to the level of risk.相关的主题文章: