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South Yandang Mountain is unknown, Miss World Tourism maxed headlines – Sohu of South Yandang Mountain tourism Pingyang county is located in the west, including cave, along the creek, Rock Creek, East Island, domain five scenic spots. Although it is popular and North Yandang with a bearing, but with more than and 100 kilometers apart. Geographically, Fujian and Zhejiang at the confluence of the South Yandang is lonely, although is a national scenic area, but few people to. In September 21st, 2016 Miss Tourism International Championship finals came to South Yandang, from dozens of countries of the 40 Miss Tourism International collective appearance, China into Pingyang, South Yandang Mountain scenic cruise that hole, to show the world their youth and vitality. Liu from Xi’an Hani @myluckystory world champion and the tournament contestants, dressed in robes to bring a visual feast for us. Located in the west of Zhejiang County of Pingyang Province in the southeast of South Mountain in Yandang Mountain scenic spot, because of water scenery, rich natural resources. In September 21st, countries go Scarlett and South Yan landscape intimate embrace, feel the beauty of nature, photographers use the camera to record the girls beautiful interpretation of every twinkle and smile, defined by a perfect lens. The tour is a combination of beauty and natural beauty of Miss Tourism, but also a perfect blend of Zhejiang and international fashion elements of Pingyang. The South Yandang Mountain parade is divided into east west two hole hole link, a tour guide in the lead, the contestants who visited the Lei Yue Tan, Shi skylight, Southeast barrier, Yunguan, guanyindong, yixiantian, and other natural wonders, which makes the most impressive to the number of an oriental charm guanyindong Scarlett they put on their robes, beautiful, unforgettable. All the contestants have with the photo, the most beautiful smile in the south wild goose. One day itinerary is very full, the girls arrive afternoon South Yan peak, although hard, but happiness within. The competition to international events, theme activities as the main content, strengthen and enhance the Pingyang international tourism destination brand image of tourism culture. Through the beautiful international tourism and cultural elements, fashion, injection, let the natural beauty, historical beauty, human beauty, the beauty of the organic combination of sister brigade, to show the world a beautiful, harmonious, the rise of Pingyang Chinese.相关的主题文章: