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United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization: the world grain supply and demand situation Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! World grain production is expected to increase by 22 million tons, global inventories and trade volume has also increased. 201617 world grain supply and demand forecast for the year July has been substantially revised, after a number of countries have significantly increased production forecast. The new situation based on the FAO global grain supply and demand is expected, will 201617 years over the quarter at the beginning of the expected more gratifying. At present, the FAO expects world grain production in 2016 to close to 25.66 tons, an increase of more than July forecast of 22 million tons (0.9%), and an increase of more than 40 million tons (1.6%) in 2015. The yield of bullish mainly reflects improved coarse grain production prospects, is currently estimated to be 13.29 tons, an increase of 1% over the July forecast number, and an increase of 2.1% over 2015. The increase was mainly due to a significant increase in U.S. corn crop production by 18 million tons, as favorable weather conditions in the United States is expected to increase yields. Corn production is expected to increase in Ethiopia, Mexico and Sultan. The impact of the increase was partially offset by a reduction in yields of corn and barley and corn in Brazil after a fall in yields. The outlook for wheat has also improved (an increase of 1.2%), which is expected this year, world production will break the record in 2015, up to 7.41 tons. This month raised the yield mostly from Australia, Canada, India, Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United States to significantly increase the yield of wheat, which greatly offset the impact of EU mainly considering the losses caused by the wet weather in France after the sharp decline in the number of wheat crop forecast. At present, rice production in 2016 is expected to close to 4.96 tons, an increase of more than the previous estimate of 700 thousand tons, will hit a new high. The increase was due to the growth in Asia (where favorable weather conditions) and the United States (mainly due to the reduction in the competitive price of the crop) estimates exceeded the previous forecast. However, the forecast of rice production in China, Brazil and Sri Lanka is lower than that predicted in July, which reflects the negative effects of excessive rainfall. Despite this month’s sharp increase in production data, but the FAO expects 201617 years of world cereal utilization is still almost unchanged compared to the previous report, close to 25.55 tons. At this level, the total amount of grain will increase by 1.6% over the previous quarter, mainly from corn, wheat and rice. The world’s total amount of corn is expected to hit a record high of 10.29 tons in, an increase of more than 201516 years of 2.2%. The largest increase is expected to be achieved in the United States, because the United States in 2016 reached a new high corn harvest, coupled with the domestic price down, which will increase the annual corn consumption increased by nearly 9% (12 million tons). 201617 years of world wheat utilization forecast has increased slightly compared to the previous report to 7.287 tons. A large supply of low quality wheat seems to be相关的主题文章: