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Add chic wall painting artistic temperament [Chu Home Furnishing] to review Home Furnishing people living in the decoration of the time are very aware of the wall decoration, interior wall painting style has many kinds, no matter what kind of style is on the wall decoration. We can design according to their own preferences and the overall style of decoration. Indoor wall painting can also reflect the artistic temperament. The following and small series to a detailed understanding of. Chinese wall painting with the Chinese people living standard and improving the artistic accomplishments of Chinese style decoration, very popular, traditional Chinese painting elements are also applied to the walls painted up. More than half of black, golden, red to draw have auspicious meanings or patterns, is often the performance of traditional Chinese painting in the pattern, can become the highlight of Chinese style decoration. Plants with hand-painted hand-painted patterns are probably the most popular hand-painted patterns on the wall. Among them, the Southeast Asian style has always been a hot trend in the living room, whether it is full of mysterious Thailand jewelry, or bright and bold patterns of India, are the common elements of the current decoration. Similarly, with the typical characteristics of regional patterns, such as large green plants, seaweed, shellfish, green banana, have become the darling of the decoration. In addition, Southeast Asian style bold color is known, in the brilliant colors "dance", convey subtle relaxation, charming and mysterious, passionate experience in peace, which have a passion and expectation of space dwellers, is full of great charm, and color the harmony degree, but also to the ordinary wall increased highlights and personality. Comments: this style emphasizes the use of exaggerated colors and lines to perform, such as slightly exaggerated lotus, black more eye-catching, there is a different effect. The picture is about the sense of hierarchy, elegant, slightly feminine. Japanese and Korean comics in the minds of many women, the lovely Japanese and Korean comics are often the best example of romantic dreams. Now, it is not impossible to move all this into the home. Just use pink to decorate the home and the wall also seems to be missing something, lightly sketched a pen, decorated with an umbrella or a small animal pattern, will make the wall immediately vivid. In this style, cute animals and the "m" style comics will become the favorite of young women. A "wind" waving trees, a pair of leaned back, a butterfly, and even a few drops of melancholy rain can reach, bring home a different style. Realistic art is not at home with gold wallpaper is "beautiful decoration". Understand the taste of people can move to mural mansion, angel, portraits or historical allusions, in the villa full painted on the walls, even the ceiling all over in this style, more emphasis on a sense of atmosphere, this time with realistic portrait painting and complex background show originality,, will be feeling into space. Indoor wall painting design points of 1 neutral tones of the living room is the family groups living space, in addition to rest, but also entertaining and fun place to stay in during a relatively long time. Therefore, the color can be happy to splash some, but not too strong to stimulate the color, so as not to give people a feeling of irritability..相关的主题文章: