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Uncle fly to work too cool! 4 parking spaces to a maximum speed of 146km TechWeb reported in August 30th the open-air work is a required course for most people a week, if you can enjoy the freedom to work on the road, it is also an excellent dog. A Czech uncle Frantisek Hadrava to achieve their own aspirations, he no longer meet the drive to work, but made an ultra light aircraft, as long as the weather permits, will open the aircraft to work. Czech uncle Frantisek uncle Hadrava in the drive of the 45 year old aircraft from a village of Zdikov in Czech, as long as the weather permits, he will wear a leather jacket, a helmet and a white scarf, driving a homemade ultra light aircraft — Vampira work. Uncle ready flight test flight on the way to open the aircraft at the top speed of 146 km, with a cylinder of the engine, the engine consumes about 6 liters per hour. The aircraft is mainly made of wood, the uncle spent two years to complete the production, spent a total of about 3700 euros (about $28 thousand). Uncle working in the machine tool factory, about 10 miles away from home. As long as the original 14 minutes away, uncle opened the aircraft as long as 7 minutes. Since 6 in the morning to go to work, so as not to disturb the residents still immersed in dreams, the uncle can take long, if flying straight as long as the 4, 5 minutes. The instrument panel on how to find a place for the plane, uncle Hadrava has a simple mechanism. He would stop on the lawn near the factory and then push the plane to the parking lot in the factory, and the big guy would have to take up 4 parking spaces. (Lu Tian) ready to stop the aircraft to drag the plane into the factory into the parking lot相关的主题文章: