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Ultra low temperature operation "two start": the long march five rocket engine made an important breakthrough in China’s new generation of carrier rocket Long March five successful first flight, reporters in Guangdong Zhuhai Eleventh China China Aerospace Expo learned: developed by the aerospace science and technology group six long march five type two engine, grasp the "ultra low temperature" "two start" key technology, made an important breakthrough. Is a typical low temperature hydrogen engine engine, before work using liquid hydrogen and oxygen will be all kinds of engine components pre cooling temperature to minus 252 degrees Celsius or minus 183 degrees Celsius, but also ensure that the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen in the engine steady delivery. Ultra low temperature to the engine manufacturing materials, processes, experiments have brought great difficulty. Through a large number of experiments and analysis, the development of a major breakthrough, greatly enhance the development of China’s low-temperature engine capacity. In deep space missions, the rocket has only two successful ignition to push the heavier payload to a higher orbit. After the first ignition booster rocket for a period of time, shut down to allow the rocket to glide to the appropriate position for the ignition booster again, which will save a lot of energy, improve the performance of the rocket. The long march five rocket launch mission, the engine in the rocket flight process successfully completed the two start, to ensure the successful completion of the mission. At present, only a few countries in the world have mastered this technology. China will implement the three phase of lunar exploration program, space hydrogen engine two start the Chang’e five probe onto the Earth Moon transfer orbit will use, so as to realize China’s first lunar exploration and recovery. Aerospace Science and technology group president Liu Zhirang told reporters: Six hydrogen engine research team from the development of the study to the successful first flight, there is no precedent for reference, we started from self-reliance and independent innovation in the development, has experienced nearly 20 years of technological innovation. It is reported that the long march five type two engine is about 50% higher than the performance of conventional fuel engine, is currently known to the highest efficiency of liquid rocket engine. The rocket engine development and success, greatly enhance the rocket carrying capacity, shortened between China and developed countries engine technology gap.相关的主题文章: