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UC twelve: Yu Yongfu heart of the first love changed the name of the face of Ali mobile business group president, in August 22, 2004, UC was born, in August 22, 2016, a full 12 years, just a reincarnation. As a mobile browser, UC twelve years of development history, just to witness the evolution of the mobile phone system from Java to An Zhuohe iOS, but also witnessed the Internet era to the mobile Internet era of change. Ali has now become the mobile business group president Yu Yongfu, accompanied by UC gone through nine years, he described the feelings of UC: "what is UC, from a personal point of view, the first is my career, this is to let people The imprint is engraved on my heart.." However, this Yu Yongfu’s first love, in second days just after the 12 birthday, announced a major decision: "UC browser" product name, officially upgraded to "UC" and the development of the "platform" direction; at the same time, officially released the independent information application UC headlines". The three is of vital importance in the transformation of the UC President He Xiaopeng’s memory, not on the upgrade and development of UC in the course of twelve years, a total of three experienced the transformation is of vital importance. He Xiaopeng said that the first transition is 2007, when the UC or a mobile Internet software company, only 17 employees, several months to borrow money wages, almost can’t live, then Yu Yongfu came in, he began a two venture, divest non core business, focus on the mobile phone browser. The second round of restructuring in 2009, Android and iOS UC system, the transition from Saipan to new system. No one had thought that Android and iOS will develop so rapidly, many companies have not responded, it was overwhelmed by this wave of new wave. The UC thanks to the timely transformation, during this period of explosive growth, it is reported that the development speed of UC2010 reached 1500%, users exceeded 150 million. The third round of restructuring in 2015, with the development of mobile Internet, UC observed that the change of user browsing habits, the introduction of information flow version, calculated from the data to push news, allowing users to become news from news search brush. For more than ten years of history of the company’s products, these years will not be too comfortable, more or less experienced some pains and even a long pain. Because of the short span of ten years, the pace of development of the whole society has exceeded the past few decades, the rapid development of technology, the rapid changes in people’s living needs, these products have formed a huge challenge to the company. The survival of the fittest, the Internet also follow the laws of nature, for UC, when do these transition decisions, but also cannot predict what will be the result, also face the possibility of out. Remember the three transition, He Xiaopeng to Phoenix reporter frankly, the first time UC transformation is indeed passive; to the second transition, is semi active; the third transition is very active to do the third transformation after UC into Ali, Ali from our colleagues who learn a lot for thinking the contents of the data, and the big influence on us. The evolution and functionality of the browser UC has become a few generations.相关的主题文章: