U.S. right-wing militia extremely practice guns to prepare for Trump yo te amo

The extreme right-wing militia gun to prepare according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" November 4th message to support Trump, some pro Trump militia bluntly, once found the election fraud, they will not sit idly by. They say they won’t take the lead, but they don’t want to leave the gun at home. US Republican presidential candidate Trump advocated the deportation of illegal immigrants, prohibit Muslims into the United States, at the southern border with the speech is controversial, but won the domestic some militia support. These organizations are preparing to defend their rights during the voting period. In recent years, there have been some militia groups formed by right-wing extremists. These armed groups, led by a number of former military, police and religious extremists, in the name of the Patriot Movement engaged in anti-government activities. Militia "3% security forces" sponsor, support gun assistant lawyer Hill believes that the Democratic candidate Hilary and advocate gun control Obama Hilary Jo was elected president of an identical nature, the rights of citizens will be further exploited." Hill said that if Hilary wins the election, he is ready to call on militia organizations to demonstrate in washington. It is understood that the organization’s members are currently actively practicing guns, enhance combat effectiveness, in support of Trump’s rally to prepare. Hill said he did not intend to let its members take the lead, but they will be necessary to protect the safety of other demonstrators. "I will be there to help my fellow citizens, to prevent them from being disarmed. I’ll fight to the end, or even lose my life." Responsible for reconnaissance "hostile organization" in "the Southern Poverty Law Center researcher Trump believes that the second, outspoken candidates contributed some extremist organizations arrogance, prompting them to openly challenge the national law. She said: "before the start of the campaign, at most, these ideas were classified as the United States on the brink of politics. But now, these ideas seem to have been legalized." Last week, some of Trump’s supporters have said, will use violence if necessary. Walsh, a former Republican senator from Illinois (Joe), sent a tweet saying: "if I lose, I will take my rifle," said Walsh."相关的主题文章: