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The bombers again after a lapse of 8 days against the Korean Peninsula to strengthen the pressure on North Korea Map: original title: the B-1B bomber bomber again after a lapse of 8 days against the Korean Peninsula to strengthen the comprehensive pressure on North Korea Korean media reported on September 21st, the United States on 21 Korean Peninsula dispatched 2 troops on the Korean B-1B Lance bomber, the demonstration of force, including 1 bombers in the USFK Osan air base landing. This is the United States after a lapse of 8 days to once again dispatched to the peninsula B-1B Lance bomber. At 1:10 PM that day, 2 U.S. troops from the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam,, into the air force base and low altitude flying. 1 B-1B aircraft flying over mount the base immediately after the turn to fly back to Guam, another plane is landing at Osan base B-1B. B-1B landed in Korea is rare, some analysts said it was a strong warning to the United States issued to North korea. It is reported that the landing at the base of the Wushan B-1B will remain in the state for a period of time to fly, put pressure on the dprk. Reported that the United States is considering the peninsula have been dispatched B-52, B-2, to strengthen military pressure on the dprk. On the other hand, the U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier "Ronald · Reagan (CVN-76) will participate in South Western and southern waters of the Korea US joint naval exercises in the middle of October, drill core facilities against North korea.相关的主题文章: