Typhoon malakas began to affect the Zhejiang Taiwan does not determine whether the landing – Beijing ca1816

Typhoon malakas began to affect the Zhejiang Taiwan does not determine whether the landing – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Jia Ting) 16 days, "Meranti" remnants still exist, Zhejiang Wenzhou, Taizhou, Lishui, Ningbo and other places heavy rain and heavy rain, local heavy rainfall. The National Marine forecast and forecast "malakas" soon struck the coastal Fujian and Zhejiang will face new challenges. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from the national headquarters, the sixteenth typhoon "malakas" (typhoon) center is located in Taiwan city in Hualian Province, about 530 kilometers southeast of the ocean, near the center of the largest wind 14 (42 m / sec). Is expected to "malakas" will be the speed of 20 kilometers per hour to move northwest, gradually close to the ocean east of Taiwan. Has started flood typhoon III level emergency response, and sent 5 working groups to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian province (city) to help guide the work. Through consultation and analysis, "Maleka" intensity will gradually strengthen, up to the strongest super typhoon level (15-16 level). Central Meteorological Observatory, Maleka has begun to affect Taiwan, Zhejiang and other coastal areas in the East, bringing wind and rain weather. "Because the Taiwan higher SST in the eastern ocean," malakas’ strength will also strengthen, the strongest typhoon intensity level up to super typhoon level." According to the Zhejiang provincial Civil Affairs Department of the relevant departments, as of 16 noon, when the typhoon has caused a total of 560 thousand people in the province were affected, the death of 6 people, the disappearance of 5 people, emergency transfer of more than 7 people. – doubts whether double typhoon effect? China Meteorological Bureau of typhoon and marine meteorological forecasting center is studying senior engineer Gao Shuanzhu said, although China’s eastern coastal landing is also uncertain, but whether or not the landing, the eastern coastal areas will be subject to greater impact of wind and rain. Moreover, if the "malakas’ landing in China, the intensity decay rate will be slower than landing, it will bring rain northward along the eastern coast, more sustainable. At present, because of distance, "malakas" and "Meranti" interaction is not obvious, double typhoon effect. However, by the "malakas" and the subtropical high, Dongfeng relatively strong, will give the "Meranti" affected area brought abundant water vapor, increase rainfall. – inventory mid typhoon typhoon this year more likely came during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the storm surge in serious impact on Fujian province. But according to the reporter, the typhoon in the Mid Autumn Festival to trouble is not the first time. Last year the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the typhoon "cuckoo" early in the Western Pacific poised September 23rd generation, reached super typhoon level highest, respectively in September 28th and 29 in Taiwan and Fujian coastal landing, "cuckoo" effect during the astronomical tide occurred, causing many seawater intrusion. Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival in 2013, it hit Guangdong. No. nineteenth typhoon Usagi in September 18th strengthened into a typhoon on the 19 day, to strengthen the super typhoon, 22 19:40 on the landing in Guangdong Shanwei. During the Mid Autumn Festival, Taiwan, Guangdong and Fujian, causing traffic congestion, power outages and serious.相关的主题文章: