Two tigers on the same day, a summer like a fall-winavi

Two tigers on the same day, a summer like a day before the national day, the former deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee of the city has been two trial. In September 30th, the original Guangdong Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee Wan Qingliang for taking bribes and sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property; the original Shandong Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Ji’nan Municipal Committee Wang Min for taking bribes and sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, confiscation of personal property of two million yuan. Two at the trial of the picture attracted attention edge. The trial of Wan Qingliang Wang Min on trial in the picture picture picture, Wang Min white haired, gaunt, and Wan Qingliang was still in high and vigorous spirits hair. The same as the trial of the tiger, what caused the two people on the appearance of such a big difference? The edge of the note, though they had been the same as the deputy provincial officials, but Wang Min was born in 1956, this year has been 60 years of age, and Wan Qingliang was born in 1964, two people in the age difference of 8 years. Another reason for such a huge difference may be the difference in personality between the two. Wan Qingliang is the most famous of his "all kinds of fireworks" joke. For example, at the beginning of 2011, Wan Qingliang in the provincial Congress after the initiative to find the media talk about prices soaring Guangzhou people happy, "said the young people to change their ideas, from the housing into housing, should not blindly to buy a house, you can rent, said he worked for 20 years, not to buy", "in government quarters, Regal Court more than and 130 square meters, the monthly rent payment of 600 yuan, a number of government subsidies". Regal Court is located in Guangzhou city Haizhuqu District waistline (Canton Tower) on the edge, Guangzhou is famous riverside mansion District, 130 square meters house market rental price at least 4000 yuan a month. Therefore, Wan Qingliang’s remarks came out, many people criticized his remarks like sarcastic". 600 can be admitted to such a small area? Please give me the telephone another outsiders rarely circulated story is that in May 2012, Guangzhou held a "three hit two to build" the work after the show, Wan Qingliang to the relevant departments to understand the fight to dominate the market work, the relevant responsible person said, they had just destroyed a gang of violent means to control the non Shaxian County snack food supply channels criminal gangs. At this time, Wan Qingliang puzzled and asked: "what is Shaxian County snacks?" The hearts of the people who have emotion: "the secretary is really ‘do not eat fireworks’ ah." Shaxian County snacks said was thus, Wan Qingliang is a "talking but failing heart brain," lord. In addition, in wanqingliang bribery list, there are as many as 15 units and individuals, perhaps even he can not remember who to send their money. Wang Min wanqingliang contrast. In dealing with corruption, Wang Min is cautious. He did not like Wan Qingliang unbridled, he was not in charge of their own industry of corruption, he was involved in about twenty million yuan of corruption amount, the boss Zhao a person accounted for eighteen million yuan, it is that Wang Min on corruption cautious. Zhao was arrested, Wang Min is afraid of its economic intercourse was removed, in a constant state of anxiety, extreme suffering, almost collapse. His confession.相关的主题文章: