Two men holding sticks smashed hit a number of mobile phone stores do not just hit not hit winpm

Two men holding sticks smashed a mobile phone shop only hit not rob also do not hit the original title: two men holding sticks smashed a mobile phone shop yesterday at 10 pm, Changping District banjieta village two young men holding sticks smashed a number of mobile phone stores. According to witnesses, said the two were very arrogant, no one dared to close to discourage. According to the injured owner recalled that the two men did not hurt, take mobile phones and other activities. From the video record store, two people rushed into the shop with sticks hit counter, full hit a store but 20 seconds. The case is under investigation. At least 4 shops smashed yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters along banjieta village on the south side of the entrance into the street, saw the door 4 mobile phone shop on the west side of the road along the way, placed in the night before smashed the counter (Figure). Witnesses Mr. Meng said that when the incident and his friends at the roadside barbecue, first heard the sound of the road hit the other side, there are people screaming. "Then saw that two people in the south, in addition to a mobile phone shop to hit, Mr. Meng said," at that time, two people are very arrogant, nobody dare to close or stop to take pictures, even eat barbecue people are scared to check out home." According to the owner of the surrounding Hotel, the shop was smashed more than 4, are mobile phone shop, some closed today, outside can not see". Thwarted by the man did not grab a mobile phone mobile phone smashed shop manager Lee told reporters, about 10:15 in the evening when the incident happened, she and a female employee in the shop. Suddenly rushed into the two men gave them a fright, but has not yet returned to God, the two have smashed the counter to go. Reporters from the video store to see Mr. Li, two body strong black men holding a stick, straight into the shop after his stick to hit, and takes less than 20 seconds. Lee said the manager, "they didn’t hurt, she didn’t take mobile phone, just while smashing aside swearing". Mr. Li’s shop was smashed, he call himself in a street, and the distance of 100 meters away with another brand shop. This shop staff Zhang said, they received a phone call immediately close the door and pulled the sheet rolling, "fortunately we act quickly, just close they came towards the door, smashed a few never broke away". Xiao Zhang said they do not know why the other side of this move, did not offend anyone". The night before the incident, there are people to the police, but due to the short duration of the whole process, the two perpetrators fled the scene before the police arrived. Yesterday morning, the Changping Public Security Bureau police station in Huoying and the surrounding shops around the incident to find clues and witnesses, the case is still under investigation. Beijing morning news reporter Zhang and the scene of the text and clues: Mr. Chen responsibility editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: