Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the first to know about the result was Yiwu people-zhongguorentiyishu

Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the first to know about the result was Yiwu Tencent (planning Ji Wen Xiaoxian entertainment entertainment Zhuangao beet) November 9, 2016 Beijing time, there is no political experience of American real estate tycoon Donald ·, the Republican candidate; Trump defeated Democratic candidate Hilary · Clinton, became the forty-fifth president of the United states. Apart from politicians, real estate tycoons of these roles, Trump is an actor and host. 666…… He also nominated two Emmy awards! It’s great, word! Trump very rich, occasionally to the Gucci store cut what color. Every time he shows up, he gets a lot of ridicule and starts the conversation. His outspoken, so the irony of his rival Hilary Trump — in short, more like a star, a halfway decent businessman, but he run for president of the United states. If two months ago you think Trump white house is a joke, then the "black mirror" crew jumped out to remind you – this is the reality. English level ten eat melon for your translation is as follows: the masses here Trump — and our supporters as cheerful as a lark piece hand were more frequent yieldsatisfactory results — for example, on behalf of the people of Sichuan, thanks to "Trump" to make the contribution to the native dialect! Time and again come out, the big V, you very hard. 100 cents are not afraid of your pride today. But on the other hand Hilary supporters of a dead with deep hatred and resentment. Don’t cry, the bad guys laugh! Don’t bow, the crown will fall! Desperate American elite crying for immigration neighbours, they cannot accept a grassroots president with a populist. They swarmed in, and even went to Canada Immigration server. And let’s take a deep lesson – don’t stand for Flag. The Minister of justice of a prophecy. Well, well, for a long time, what does the US election have to do with us on the other side of the ocean? Of course it matters! And not to say that after the American general election broadcast advertising is Wuli fan ye! ("mysterious Chinese power) even stocks are up please! Concept stock! Trump wins! But in fact, Trump won the election victory is not what secret. For example, the birth of the golden sentence "the United States is not as good as us because Americans do not know" elite community, this time properly predicted success…… Jolin came to the conclusion in the lyrics as early as 2006 – "D.T in the house"". (D.T=Donald Trump Donald · Trump, house=the White House and the White House) for the election in the data are more reliable support when Dangdang, said Zhejiang Yiwu people to know the results. Has a look at the time, and send me the next Shuangseqiu number, crab! A tribute to the prophet Yiwu people! Finally, Huang Yi’s former husband, Huang Yi, who had a lot of amazing language, decided N as president of the United States early in the morning. Look at his description. It’s a little bit of a relationship with himself. (you 484 have cat disease…)

川普赢了美国大选,最先知道结果的竟是义乌人腾讯娱乐专稿(策划 娱乐小仙姬 文 甜菜) 北京时间2016年11月9日,毫无从政经验的美国地产大亨、共和党候选人唐纳德·特朗普击败民主党候选人希拉里·克林顿,成为第45任美国总统。除去政客、地产富豪这些身份,川普还是一位演员和主持人。666…… 还提名过两次艾美奖!厉害了word普! 川普非常有钱,偶尔会给Gucci店面剪个彩什么的。他的每一次出场,都会收到大量调侃,引爆话题。他口无遮拦,如此讽刺他的竞争对手希拉里——简而言之,川普更像一位谐星,一位半路出家的商人,然而他参选了美国总统。如果两个月以前你还认为川普入主白宫是个笑话,那么《黑镜》剧组跳出来提醒你——这是现实。英文十级的吃瓜群众为您翻译如下——这边厢川普的支持者欢呼雀跃——而我国段子手们更是频频交出满意答卷——比如代表四川人民,感谢“川普”对家乡话走向全国做出的贡献!千呼万唤始出来,这位大V,你很努力了。今天的段子给100分不怕你骄傲。而那边厢希拉里的支持者痛心疾首,一派死气沉沉。别哭,坏人会笑!别低头,皇冠会掉!绝望的美国精英阶层们哭着喊着要移民邻国,他们不能接受一位带着民粹色彩的草根总统。他们蜂拥而入,甚至挤垮了加拿大移民局的服务器。同时让我们接受了深刻教训——不要立Flag。这位司法部长一语成谶。好了好了,说了那么半天,美国大选跟大洋彼岸的我们有什么关系?当然有关系了!且不说美国大选直播后播出来的广告是wuli范爷!(惊现神秘中国力量)就连股票都涨了好吗!概念股!川普胜!而其实川普获得大选胜利早就不是什么秘密。比如诞生了金句“美国不如我们因为美国人不上知乎”的精英社区,这次就妥妥预言成功……蔡依林更是早在2006年就在歌词中得出了结论——“D.T in the house”。(D.T=Donald Trump唐纳德·川普,house=the White House白宫)而对于本次大选在数据上有更靠谱支持的——当当当,据说浙江义乌人民先知道结果哦。看了一眼发文时间,求把下期双色球号码发给我,蟹蟹!向先知义乌人民致敬!最后,屡有惊人之语的黄奕前夫黄毅清早就定下了N任美国总统。看他的描述说的跟自己还有点关系呢(你484有猫病……)相关的主题文章: