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Trump won the attention of the rise of Chinese Liberation Army from the beauty is a layer of paper Phoenix military Associated Media military first author: Zheng Dongguo Trump and Hilary, pay attention to the rise of Chinese! With the election of Trump, the fifty-eighth president of the United States, the world’s eye off the U.S. election farce, but also in the past this noon reached the peak. This is a Chinese unprecedented attention to the U. S. election – it is speculated that the campaign has been in the mouth of China’s tough stance on Trump, what will come after the stage of China’s policy? In fact, no matter who is elected president, the United States policy toward China will not have greater ups and downs. Especially in the China economic and military has begun to show signs of catching up today, the other side of the United States on this side of the ocean China, can only pay more and more attention. Also, whether the United States is a Republican or a Democrat, for Chinese, but powerful, is the real king. It now appears that the economy to catch up with the United States, but it is a matter of time, then, in the military, China can catch up with the United States? From 20 to 20 fighters, ended a few days ago in the South China Sea on the edge of the Zhuhai airshow, marking China military equipment system into the three generation, four generation equipment debuted. It can be said that the Army Air Force China Chinese especially in equipment development and catch up with the United States over Russia after decades now, Russia is really back in sight. In any case, this is a proud achievement. 7 this month, the first military senior military commentator has deep discussion long johns uncle Chinese deep reasons of outbreak of military military explosive growth ("Chinese behind the deep-seated reasons for what? "Today, Mr. Dongguo) want to change an angle, we can say the U.S. level is more and more close, then we will talk about us, how far away from us? The gap with the United States, only a layer of paper! How far have we come to this fall? For example: the four generation of the U.S. military F22 although already in service, however, the whole is still in the early stages of the four generation. U.S. military hopes to send a lot of F35 problems, I do not know when it can really mature. China’s four generation fighter, has appeared in the sky of china. At the same time, large transport Chinese, the Chinese air force strategic delivery capabilities across to a new level. Radar, missiles and military equipment, not only the same generation, some may also have originality. Of course, we must have a carrier gap than U.S. but from the aircraft carrier, to drive a large supply ship, landing ship all China naval power is more than "soaring" will be able to describe? Not to mention the big kill gathered in the Chinese rocket army. Public information shows that the world has really engaged in anti missile test in the middle of the country there are several? Two: the United States, china. From the point of view of the active equipment as a whole, the Chinese army has been basically the same with the U.S. military, slightly worse than half. From the point of view of research equipment, ships, aircraft engines, hypersonic aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, the next generation fighter…… Although the United States and China are still competing with the equipment, but the focus and starting point, are not far away. – as if a layer of paper, a stab that is broken. Why not pierce this layer of paper? When can pierce? We’re going to catch up soon!相关的主题文章: