Trump elected, migrant workers had a bad day.-win7codecs

Trump elected, migrant workers had a hard time Trump was elected the fifty-eighth president of the United states. The trend since the election, preliminary judgment on labor law issues Trump the attitude and direction. Labor Standards Law predicts labor protection legislation continues to stagnate. Because the Republicans continue to stay in the Senate and the house of Representatives, and Trump not keen on wages and hours occupation safety and other topics, the next four years of labor protection legislation in this regard will stagnate. At the age of Obama, at least, the executive orders and labor laws and regulations to implement the policy, the next four years, the labor standard law has to rely on local legislation to promote. But the minimum wage may be an exception. Trump views on wages, said the American worker is too high, attracted a lot of criticism, after the change of American workers wages are not high enough, the need to increase the minimum wage. In fact, a large number of local legislation has raised the minimum wage. Trump although promised to raise the minimum wage, but also afraid and Republican members of Congress to bargain. The union Trump in this election, the white collar is the commitment to work. Trump policy is two. First, anti free trade, anti TPP. Take measures to prevent companies from outsourcing their business abroad. Followed by anti illegal immigration. Linked to the H1b visa may tighten, leaving more job opportunities for local people. Therefore, in this election, the union leadership to support the Democratic Party Hilary, while a large number of union members chose to support the Trump phenomenon. Paid maternity leave and child care leave first, Trump scheme promised to give the mother six weeks of paid maternity leave, but can not enjoy the father. Paid maternity leave from the unemployment insurance fund. Secondly, for child care costs, Trump plan by way of tax cuts to reduce the burden on the family. For personal income below 250 thousand or 500 thousand family income in the family, if the children of not more than four, can enjoy tax relief, tax levy adjustment for personal or family income minus the average cost of child rearing, the average annual cost of child rearing in Alabama $5500 to Washington the $22000. If a family’s annual income is $70000, the tax rate is 12%, while the average annual children’s residents of the state compensation fee is $7000, at this time, the residents need to pay the tax is (70000-7000) *12%, you can save $840 compared to the previous. Trump scheme is through the credit system of the labor income tax (Earned  Income Tax  Credit) to make up for. This is a tax benefit and welfare policy for low-income workers. If the taxpayer meets the conditions, can be deducted directly from the tax deductible items. If the credit is greater than the amount of tax payable, you can also get tax rebates. In other words, if the child care costs higher than household income, the family can also get a tax rebate, but the annual tax refund shall not exceed $1200. Trump also initiated the establishment of a child care account, encourage households to 4相关的主题文章: