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TPP will look to the relevant countries before It is all up with China original title: TPP before turning to It is all up with the countries already China [Global Times reported] TPP has It is all up with means, some countries have enthusiasm, have the sights elsewhere. Indonesia’s "Jakarta post" said 14 TPP12 leaders this week to discuss the agreement in a way out, but the executive director of the APEC Secretariat Alan de Poland was, because before long negotiation, negotiation has been "fatigue". "Malaysia does not need TPP to improve its position in the global economic stage, other trade agreements" because it has been able to get out of the "Malaysia online", Malay Mail reported 14. Malaysia is one of the TPP12 countries. According to Vietnam network 14 reported that the Vietnamese Minister of Commerce and industry, said Chen Junying, TPP is one of Vietnam’s participation in the free trade agreement, whether or not TPP, Vietnam are ready for integration. Vietnamese economist Wu Zhilong said Vietnam should be the worst case to develop the best response, can not rely entirely on TPP. "What is clear, the existing TPP has been aborted." Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" 14 editorial that continued to benefit from the Asia Pacific trade, the United States is not approved by the TPP on behalf of their own regional countries will still seek to abstain, other forms of cooperation to promote trade. Many media mentioned that RCEP is being concerned. The "Wall Street journal" said 14, Australian Foreign Minister Bishop said last week that the failure of TPP vacuum will appear in terms of trade agreements, or the blank will be filled China leading economic partnership, Australia will seek to reach an agreement in any place can benefit. Bishop special mention RCEP. Australian newspaper, 14, said the weekend’s APEC summit, the leaders of the Asia Pacific region or will be asked to consider new trade agreements, including China and Russia, but not the United states. Australian Trade Minister Steven, said he was open to other regional trade organizations. "As Obama buries America’s dominant TPP, attention turns to China’s support for trade agreements." Pay special attention to the BRIC countries, the BRIC post, 13, said China proposed Asia Pacific Free Trade Area (FTAAP) will be focused during the APEC summit in Peru. The report specifically stressed that both in FTAAP or RCEP trade negotiations, Putin support china. Global Times in Japan, Singapore special correspondent Jiang Feng Global Times reporter Gao Ying Editor Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: