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"A top ten thousand words of" Liu Yulin unveiled the "Silk Road" Sina entertainment news the day before, the third session of the "Silk Road" of the International Film Festival, the stars with the moon, grand closing; "one top ten thousand", "action", "the Mekong river passing from your world", "grand track" and many other Chinese representatives have annual blockbuster creative closing ceremony red carpet debut. Previously, the author of the original work by Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, producer Jiang Zhiqiang, directed by Liu Yulin’s "inner war blockbuster" one top ten thousand "as the" Silk Road "International Film Festival opening film, interpretation of a" heart of war "cuckold epic, a show they won praise: knife see meat, thrilling. Therefore, when the director Liu Yulin with "one top ten thousand" boarded the two "Silk Road" of the red carpet, numerous suction eye, much attention; it is worth mentioning that, unlike the opening luxury Legion is full creative team debut, closing only Liu Yulin "single-handed" battle, and as the focus of the film festival to promote the guests on stage "link recommend a top ten thousand words", a "top one million" ace momentum. Liu Yulin, Eddie Peng. "Single-handed" Ace Combat Force "single-handed" Pro battle, with Eddie Peng on the same stage fighting force of beauty in the end who? Liu Yulin’s appearance at the closing ceremony triggered media attention. As a Chinese movie event "the focus of the film the bright younger generation, Silk Road International Film Festival’s high-profile promotion unit. The movie, "a top ten thousand words", "the Mekong River action" become this year’s closing ceremony promotion unit recommended film, on behalf of guests two movie, director Liu Yulin, actor Eddie Peng and crew members respectively came recommended film, Liu Yulin is on the scene of "one top ten thousand". "The heart of war", "the film" one top ten thousand "is a war film, but it does not occur on the battlefield, but in our hearts, in everyday life, in you and me, in and out of marriage", at the same time, Liu Yulin also sells the climax, "what is the daily life in thrilling? There is a word in the top ten thousand words? There is no phrase dreamer awoke words in the world? In November 11th, please everyone in the movie "top ten thousand sentences" in the end, hanging live media and audience appetite. Interestingly, the Mekong River and "action" crew came to recommend different creative film, "a top ten thousand words of" director Liu Yulin’s debut is "single horse", a king of gas. "Inner war large" Silk Road "." people surprised very non smoke war ignited a hail of bullets "is different from the previous, one top ten thousand" in the silent of human atrial, the black humor "collateral" hidden in every emotional film, make between marriage and life "right" and "say", every step forward is BaiZhuanQianHui, thrilling. As the Silk Road International Film Festival opening film, the official of the film "a top ten thousand words of" give a high evaluation: "knife" as the key item of film, not only the surface of concrete knife, it is a symbol of the hearts of everyone in the film, "blade" person)相关的主题文章: