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To those who have gone to the front beacon! The United States automobile Sohu – once a year the palm beach show just ended, because brought together many very valuable and not yet listed the vintage car concept car, known as the world’s highest level of the show did not too much. Although the different shapes of the vintage car All flowers bloom together. suction eye of numerous, but the most impressive thing is that a variety of vintage car front exquisite beyond compare now with the sign, we appreciate some rise above the common herd logo. In fact, the first car with the car brand and beacon is not half dime, the figure of this beacon is the United States BOYCE MOTO-METER company, the company applied for a patent in 1912 this beacon. However, its actual effect is not decoration, but to the front with radiator cover as a whole, can test the water tank of water vapor temperature, prevent boil". Using the 1919 Ford T car "water table" beacon. Most people are familiar with Rolls-Royce’s "flying goddess" beacon is derived from a beautiful love story. The aristocratic family of British MP John · Montagu fell in love with the humble ecdysiast Eleanor · Thornton, because the secular opposition to his friends together, with Thornton as the prototype to build a statue of Montagu, the statue mounted to his Rolls-Royce car on the front, in order to imply their love. Many don’t know this is the elite beacon attraction, to follow your own car to the installation of various "out of order" accessories. In February 6th 1, "flying goddess" officially became Rolls-Royce logo. The 1935 Hispano-Suiza J12 named Chrysis (knee naked logo). This glass logo by French jewelry designer Rene · Lalique build. Hispano-Suiza is a manufacturer of automotive and aero engines from Spain, the J12 has a 9.4 liter V12 engine, capable of output 220 horsepower, maximum speed of up to 185 per hour. It was the top of the price than Rolls-Royce but also high. However, Hispano-Suiza is still the most used the "stork" logo. This is a beacon to commemorate the war the French pilots Georges Guynemer led the squadron shot down 53 enemy aircraft, engines and weapon is Hispano-Suiza production of Georges Guynemer’s use of the fighter. The hands of one wheel of beauty is one of the United States Packard car logo. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s a simple ornament. Packard is a luxury car manufacturer in the United States, in 1899 produced the first car, in 1958 the company closed down, its status is equivalent to the U.S. version of Rolls-Royce. This is a variety of Packard used the beacon. This beacon using models is unknown, but it is very interesting, when the car is moving.相关的主题文章: