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To tear a corrupt wife not pull bribery 3 million major Sohu agreement – News September 20 procuratorate daily news, March 2015, Henan Province, Nanzhao County People’s Procuratorate received Nanyang city procuratorate assigned the case clues, clues to reflect, Nanyang Municipal Urban Management Bureau, former director of the bribery xiaomou, requirement of Nanzhao County of Henan Province People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau Nanyang city discipline inspection commission investigating the case. Received a clue, it served as the director of the Nanyang municipal xiaomou Construction Committee, director of the center city housing. As one of the main municipal department as substantive positive level cadres, xiaomou social complex, deep background, and in the investigation before the former director of the Bureau of Nanyang City Garden Xingmou alleged bribery case, he has been alerted once, with a strong anti detection capabilities. In the first battle, xiaomou appeared very calm, talk about the integrity, ability to work, for the construction of Nanyang city has made great contributions, but denied the existence of economic problems. His performance is expected in Henan Province, Nanzhao County People’s Procuratorate staff immediately stepped up secret investigation, but in terms of xiaomou bank deposits, or from the call records, did not find any problems, the case sometimes impasse. Henan Province, Nanzhao County People’s Procuratorate staff decided from the xiaomou wife song on the breakthrough. At the beginning of the contact song sometime, the song also denied their husband economic problems. By patiently explain to her the law and policy, and tell her we have mastered certain evidence. In the powerful psychological offensive, song admitted that they were in the holidays and sick family, accepting the cash sent to others, a total of 200 thousand yuan. When the staff of the prosecutor’s office to continue to ask the whereabouts of her money, Song said the loan to individuals to lend a friend with a. To prove the truth of her statement, she added: "the loan agreement is in the drawer of my office." The song of this sentence seems to inadvertently say, but Nanzhao County of Henan province people’s Procuratorate staff have realized that the key is likely to be the case to open a breakthrough. In order not to cause the song special alert, procuratorate staff pretend in her words, and then make a decision quickly, immediately took the song to her office to view the lending agreement. Procuratorate staff with the song came to her office, song a rummage agreement in the drawer. She did not expect while procuratorate staff do not pay attention to, suddenly looked flustered to a three or four page document a tear, procuratorate staff quickly took over from the hands of the song, explained: "this is a useless agreement, intended to do business, in the end can not made." The agreement was signed in 2012, the partner is Wang, the content is to run an advertising company. In this way, Wang entered our field of investigation. After investigation, found that Wang is contracted landscaping project, 2012 has contracted over the Nanyang River Wetland Park landscape engineering projects. With the emergence of Wang, the psychological pressure of the song gradually increased, finally overwhelmed, account of the acceptance相关的主题文章: