Tianjin, a serious violation of officials to play a pattern to sing the first song – Sohu news christie stevens

Tianjin officials play tricks to serious discipline: sing the first song – Sohu news the day before, the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Tianjin City Investment Promotion Office of the former Bureau inspector Wang Fuqiang serious violation case notification. The circular pointed out that Wang Fuqiang, a serious violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions of illegal bookmaking and hold a golf membership card after eighteen big party repeatedly accept private boss invited to play golf; in the official activities of super standard accommodation and transportation arrangement, large waste of public funds, engage in wasteful. Violation of organizational discipline, the long-term lack of transfer of wages in accordance with the provisions of the law, access to improper huge profits. Honest and serious violations of discipline, public funds for reimbursement of fees paid by individuals; illegal business enterprises; many personnel may affect the impartial execution of accept private official banquets; the annual festival, the purchase, going abroad (border) and married the daughter of the machine, repeatedly accepting gifts of others. Serious violation of the discipline of life, and others to maintain a long-term sexual relations, resulting in adverse effects; the pursuit of low interest, repeatedly out of nightclubs. In violation of state laws and regulations, the use of his office in the enterprise investment, the purchase of land, contract engineering and other aspects for the benefit of others, ask for and accept others’ money, bribery crime, after eighteen big party is still not close hand convergence. The circular pointed out, Wang Fuqiang from "listen to the party, follow the party forever, do let the party be assured of the beginning of the heart, eat bitter, sweat, for construction and development, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for the city investment work made contributions. With recognition, praise, the mood gradually big with pride. Wang Fuqiang felt hard for many years, but also to "open could not progress, pride won’t lag behind the" age, "it is time to take a rest, enjoy the" start ", no longer devote themselves to learning, no temper party, instead of chasing the so-called" realistic and comfortable enjoyment of life. ". Wang Fuqiang ignored the party discipline and the spirit of the central eight provisions, the vulgar pursuit of life when, to "let go" and "indulgence". Eat and drink to characteristic and quality of the restaurant, the best dishes, drinking Moutai, Wuliangye and other high-end wine, not eating well will not loose Bureau; frequent access to high-end golf clubs, play often offer with "good luck"; play to play tricks, sing the first song, long addicted to toast each other, scene of debauchery inextricably bogged down in. Spend a few hundred dollars out of the family dinner, he also went to the unit reimbursement. Obviously there is a private car, the family has something to let the driver drove the bus to run. Wang Fuqiang forget party identity, their relations with the private owner, regard themselves as the "circle of friends" boss, private owner as "little brother". Contacts with the private owners of the time from the "eight hours" to "eight hours", from the enterprise to the hotel from the stadium, talk about cooperation and development into the vulgar pursuit of idle away in seeking pleasure. He put this and enterprises to work together, and engage in a "jump", to indulge in "Dude brothers" atmosphere. At the same time, the "little brother" on him for help. Send them gifts bribes from feel afraid to reluctantly, to take the initiative to ask for; see from.相关的主题文章: