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"Through 2" celebration scene tears and sea fans meet the third season – "we cross the sea entertainment Sohu" sea sea scene excited Guoli Zhang and creative Sohu entertainment news yesterday, Chinese experience first history reality show "we through it" second seasons in the North held a celebration, the program was written by Guoli Zhang as a director, Song Xiaobao, Shen Teng, Dicky Cheung, Yang Qian, Huang Xiaolei, Yu Xiaotong, sea? Eight big names to join the large historical experience of reality. Since the program launch since the way ratings soared, achievements are frequent, let the audience couldn’t stop laughing, especially in the rich cultural heritage of the celebration will be held at Peking University. Tears and love with it because the director very happy celebration scene, as the sea crossing group play not only people’s appearance more beautiful. In Taiwan, Shanghai Lu expressed can be very honored to participate in the "we" through it, and said that the tears are all dedicated to the two season of the show, he is also very fond of the show, and special thanks to the national director to invite his mother to participate in the program, let oneself can work but also to see the dear family make yourself happy, especially left precious memories, but also look forward to the season third reunion with you "relatives". Mathematics and history is a story of flawed meters ridicule said "we do" through this program, history is the most important of all, about the show’s history are to undergo a rigorous investigation, while the sea scene said their history is particularly bad, referring to himself since he joined the "we" is through it know one meter is equal to the number of CM after what was Mr. Guoli Zhang ridicule: it seems that history is not a thing, you exposed the two shortcomings of it, let the host finally pick up the gas that the goddess. Playback harassed common expectations in the third quarter the celebration broadcast many wonderful clips through it "2", which play a land was his chin harassed the fragment, the host must feel very happy on the spot at sea, the sea strong counterattack: host touch you, you will be happy too. And reached for the flirt, making the scene laughter. Not only the celebration in funny video also played a lot of fans of the video, there are many sea iron children said: love five years, witnessed the two quarter growth in the sea, will continue to support. In the end of the ceremony, Mr. Guoli Zhang expressed the hope that the third season will soon meet with you, and also said he wants to participate in the third season, continue to bring joy to everyone.相关的主题文章: