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"Three rural financial gap" of more than 3 trillion yuan to reduce the risk of technical advantages – Beijing, since 2014, China’s "three rural" financial gap of more than 3 trillion yuan, the lending network as the representative of the Internet financial means, how to adjust measures to local conditions to the rural financial services, become a problem for all Internet financial companies. In September this year, the East Guanzhuang town of Ru’nan County in Zhumadian province Henan city homes Tun Village planting herbs will cover seven townships in Xincai county national key counties for poverty alleviation, planting area will be expanded to 20 thousand acres, and poverty reduction efforts industry to further expand the range. I did not expect that a year ago, the village of the villagers are looking at their own Haruki a piece of medicine to worry about grass. Due to limited funds and land resources, the original good herbs planting technology can not be effectively promoted, local villagers meager income. To worry about money in the village village committee secretary Tian Zhongmin happened to see the village financial institutions to the Internet advertising, after careful understanding and careful consideration, he dialed the phone pterosaur loan operation center in Ru’nan. The villagers in the field of people under the leadership of the pterosaur loan to apply for loans. In a detailed understanding of the source of economic, income, family status, local culture, the use of funds, the scale of the situation, the first batch of 7 people selected pterosaurs from the intention of dozens of farmers, 60 thousand yuan per person per year. In the loan under the help of the villagers led homes Tun Xincai County village, vigorously develop the herb industry. Xincai County farmers to provide land, homes Tuncun villagers to provide free technology, seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. The amount of proceeds to be harvested, the cost of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, and the net profit. Previously, the Xincai county mainly sorghum, maize, in good condition, an acre of land revenue 600 to 700 yuan per year. Since planted herbs, flowers and other economic crops, the net income of an acre of land reached 2700 to 3000 yuan. Technical advantages of reducing the "three rural" financial risk has been China rural, traditional financial institutions because of the lack of coverage of products and services on the lack of innovation, lack of financial institutions, financial leasing companies, small loan companies, directly lead to the lack of financing channels, loans, loans have seriously affected the development of China’s agriculture and in rural areas. According to a survey by the social institute of rural development research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Chinese, Chinese rural areas, 56.8% of the farmers said the money is tight, and that rural loans accounted for 69.6% of the farmers is not convenient. Where is the farmer loan difficult? The Communist Youth League of Shaanxi provincial agriculture minister Wei Yanan told Technology Daily reporter, one of the peasant guarantee problem is difficult to solve; two is the loan period is not long enough, does not match with the cycle of agricultural production; three of the loan interest rate is too high. Wei Yanan said, although the pace of reform of rural credit cooperatives has never stopped, and by mutual financial gradually shift the market trend, but also just completed the corporate governance, the strength is still weak, there is also the need to joint-stock reform and other measures or to solve the above problems. "In the pterosaurs’ three rural ‘Internet banking among solution is the farmers borrowing in rural financial institutions difficult problem. Internet Banking for ‘three.相关的主题文章: