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Three dimensional navigation: surgical removal of three pounds of children with CAS Hisense tumor in September 28th –IT– people’s Hospital, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital is undergoing a special operation. In anesthesia under the action of a little girl lying quietly in the surgical bed, massive hepatic tumors so that 7 year old she weighs only 16.5 kg, while the tumor volume is almost 3 times the size of the liver in normal children, the children took the abdominal and thoracic cavity. Because of the tumor and the surrounding organs are closely intertwined, the operation is very difficult to successfully carry out the operation, how to accurately grasp the scope of tumor invasion, delicate separation of liver and tumor has become a key, Hisense computer aided surgery system (Hisense CAS) application successfully solved this problem. (Professor Chen Yajin using Hisense CAS and Hisense SID, 3D model of mobile control liver gestures) and deputy director of the hospital accurate tumor surgery center Department of hepatobiliary surgery director, Professor Chen Yajin in the Hisense CAS navigation mark Sun Yixian of Zhongshan University, successfully removed a 1.4 kilogram of liver tumors — for children with hepatoblastoma, no blood transfusion in the operation in the process of operation, the bleeding volume was less than 200 ml, with residual liver good blood circulation, precise minimally invasive surgery. Tumor cells were large and sometimes like a package like octopus, penetrate into normal human organs, how the excision surgery, where, before, surgeons often need the help of a two-dimensional image "film" to imagine — patients in simulation in the mind, but the Hisense CAS can reconstruct the image. And the three-dimensional model presented on the big screen, to provide navigation for the doctor". The surgery, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital, Zhongshan University precision tumor surgical treatment center will Hisense precision medical technology used in complex liver surgery. Through 3D reconstruction, the child’s image "film" into a three-dimensional model, simulated the actual situation of children with liver tumor, so as to help the medical team to determine the optimal scheme for the tumor. Before surgery, the medical team according to the three-dimensional model of the operation simulation, Chen Yajin team is expected after the removal of the tumor residual liver volume can reach 50% of the normal liver; intraoperative 3D model of liver and tumor has been in the medical team in front of the big screen, with Hisense surgical intelligent display system (Hisense SID), the doctor can always use gestures to zoom, rotate and move the three-dimensional model, provides the reference for the operation. The Hisense CAS, to solve the clinical surgery before the operation can not be intuitive surgical planning demand pain points, to achieve the precise digital medical treatment, provide more accurate surgical plan for patients, reducing the risk of surgery and physical trauma. At present, the system has been used in more than and 30 hospitals nationwide, helping more than 1000 patients successfully completed surgery. (red to brown areas for regional tumor, liver, the blood vessels) Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhao Shuang and Zhuang Hongtao)相关的主题文章: