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Thousands of Xi’an   city culture (Footprint Master travel with you?) – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Xi’an city (1000 cultural footprint? Master travel with you in Expo Park). Changan District Zhongnan mountain of Buddhism also xiangjisi. Hui street. Taoism Quanzhen Zuting Zhong yang. Newspaper reporter Jiang Feng photo Beilin Museum extension words. Picture in Xi’an, an international tourist destination, whether you love to the landmark attractions pictures prove that you have come, or want to look for hidden in scenic spots — Street Lane angle relatively unknown – I believe this Master, you can find what you want here. The first (PI million n, to boast.) A sentence of Shaanxi Dialect: "wipe escrima!" Hurry up, come on! The classic line playing landmark of Chinese civilization to Shuabing arrived in Xi’an to find the hotel settled, according to the Master early to any city in the evening to pick a good habit of eating and gobble down a: many people will recommend you to the street, the Master do not escape. Paomo, cured beef, stuffed leather, soup dumplings, fried jelly, green bean cake, persimmon cake mutton, Hui Street everything. It is more convenient, street adjacent to the Xi’an Bell Tower and Drum Tower, after eating and drinking can take a walk and look at the ancient city landmark. The two floor is not high, but the lighting is good, suitable for taking photographs, day boarding as night watch, back to the hotel to open the circle of friends of Xi’an tour Shuabing mode first, I really envy others greedy. The next day, the first day of the classic tour. Morning ride, 40 minutes by car, go to Lintong to see Terracotta Army. In a word, look at the Terracotta Army must be invited to explain, or equal to white. The Terracotta Army, at noon in a village next to the terracotta village taste characteristic farmhouse "Thirteen flowers of Lintong". Afternoon to visit Huaqing Hot Spring in Lintong, where both Tang Xuanzong and Yang’s story, also has the site of the Xi’an incident. The Huaqing Hot Spring was built by the Mount Li, the time can also climb mountains, in the mountains about the "feudal war drama" scene. Huaqing Hot Spring every night outdoor landscape performance "song". Return to Xi’an at the end of the show, or find a local open-air The Springs Hotel bubble soup sleep. The second day, the morning of the ancient city of Xi’an wall, a very comfortable walk, rent a bike ride better. Xi’an city wall built in the Ming Dynasty, the perimeter of 13 kilometers, the remains of the city walls of the city this much, such as Xi’an, building a high standard, save repair complete is second to none. Under the wall, Beilin Museum on the south gate is located in the foot of the wall, "open stone classics", "Sanjue monument, six steed display them. Find a cafe or restaurant on the wall at the foot of the roadway at noon, the product of the ancient city of mottled. Then take a bus to the Shaanxi Museum of history in the south of Xi’an, take a look at the eighteen national treasures". Finally, walking distance to the museum is only one kilometer of the big wild goose pagoda. By the way, the north square of big wild goose pagoda is known as the night of Asia’s largest fountain show, many people, remember to bring self bar. The natural human this mountain range rover South following two recommended outside Xi’an south north line of travel, suitable for travel and have a spare car)相关的主题文章: