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This "double 11" express the amount is expected to exceed 1 billion 50 million –IT– original title: this year’s "double 11" express the amount is expected to exceed 1 billion 50 million pieces of the State Post Bureau, jointly announced the 13 rookie network this year "express logistics preparations for a double 11". According to the State Post Bureau preliminary forecast, this year, double 11 period (November 11th to 16) of the industry to deal with the mail (express) business volume will be more than 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. This year, the 11 period, the industry will have a staff of 2 million 680 thousand people into the first two of the express delivery service, compared with last year, an increase of more than 50%, the backbone of the vehicle grew by about 59%, air capacity increased by about 40%. "Double 11" since birth date has entered the eighth year. Rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin said that this year will be double 11 logistics upgrade year". In the last year has been basically solved the explosion on the basis of this year, the courier industry in data technology and capital power, three characteristics of upgrading will present data upgrades, service upgrades and capacity, compared to previous years will pay more attention to provide a good service experience for consumers. Wang Wenbin pointed out that in the past 7 years, in the whole social logistics coordination, has basically solved the "double 11" warehouse warehouse explosion and trunk pressure problems, this year will focus more on the end of the delivery and service experience to solve the problem, so coordination is more important. Rookie network is expected, with the large-scale use of electronic single face, this year’s double 11 period there will be 7 of the parcel through the intelligent distribution of single line express. Through the intelligent algorithm to assign the line, the accuracy and speed will be greatly improved, and the low efficiency of traditional express delivery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Courier APP will also be in this year’s double 11 large-scale applications, these data products will provide pre logistics forecasts, intelligent distribution lines, monitoring, after analysis and other functions. It is worth mentioning that the rookie this year launched "poly single straight" data products, can be put in the same area in order to focus on the production of the business side, direct delivery to the destination. In addition, Crowdsourcing service will debut "double 11" rookie, United Express dozens of enterprises to have the package courier on standby. It is understood that in previous years, the double 11 day express did not have too much pressure, 12, 13 days is Lanshou peak, with the single, single surface electronic intelligent technology popularization, the courier company to raise automation level, this year is expected to "double 11" that day will become Lanshou peak, far more than the 12 and 13 days. It will also promote consumers to sign ahead of time. "The amount of" double 11 "per year is the average volume of second years." Xu Wentao, deputy director of the China Post Group, said, "double 11" is both a challenge and an opportunity for us." With the double 11 and the rapid development of the electricity supplier, China has grown out of a number of world-class express logistics company. It took only five years, a single courier company to deal with the volume of express delivery package has jumped from a single jump to a single level of 10 million in. 91 billion 200 million turnover, 467 million)相关的主题文章: