This is also addictive Samsung Note7 and a new line – Sohu digital roselip

This is also addictive? The Samsung Note7 bombed a Sohu – digital mobile phone China [news] recently Samsung Note7 explosion events continue to ferment, after the recall of the Korean version, the U.S. version, Note7 version of the National Bank, is also a problem. The day before, someone in the country for Post Bar broke the news, Samsung Note7 coral blue version of explosion in the use of the Internet, and now there was a Chinese version of Note7 for the golden explosion. Post Bar ID @ meow star my friends said, China Golden Note7 also exploded, and placed on the two after the explosion of mobile phone. With the situation in the past after the explosion is basically the same, Note7 front panel severely burned, according to the user’s argument, which is also the second explosion of the State Bank Note7. According to the information provided by users to purchase, after the first bombing of the National Bank of China Note7 Samsung officially released version, but for the matter Samsung’s response is under investigation to verify the situation will be released after the survey results. However, Samsung has not yet released a statement, the Bank of China Note7 bombed another, the situation seems to be getting more and more out of control.相关的主题文章: