This cat handbag starting price of nearly a million, but you may not dare to (video) htc802w

This cat handbag starting price of nearly a million, but you may not dare to according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 19th, recently, a New Zealand company called TradeMe auction site auction made by a cat from the handbag, Qipai price as high as $1400 (about 9337.3 yuan). It is reported that this luxury handbag from the occupation division Claire Hobbes specimens (Clare Hobbs) hands, have a full head bag, known as "charming cat disposable bag". Hobbes said that she has always wanted to use the wildcat or cat designed a surrealist works, in order to express her passion for art, but in the process of making specimen, she would never kill any animal. Despite this, the cat specimen handbag was condemned by all walks of life. Hans Kerry Jacques is responsible for the animal protection organization SAFE (Hans Kriek) said: "this bag is not taste low, respect for the animal, people simply can not accept, I really do not know the cat made the elephant legs into the umbrella bag and what is the difference?" In New Zealand, the natural death of the animal or animal into a specimen accept euthanasia behavior is legitimate, but with the cat specimen bag or make a lot of people can not accept. Some people think this is a joke, some people care about how the animals died, and some people expressed anger at this behavior. Of course, there are some people think this bag is very beautiful". A New Zealand public auction website cat starting price of nearly a million specimens of handbags相关的主题文章: