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The world’s largest aircraft "flying ass": two flight crash (Figure) – Sohu military channel first pages: British manufacturing the world’s largest aircraft map for the British to build the world’s largest aircraft Airlander second test flight, hit the pole, an emergency landing. Reference News Network reported on August 24th: British media said the United Kingdom to create the world’s largest aircraft Airlander second flight test, hit a pole, an emergency landing. Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on August 24th, the 92 metre long aircraft from August 24th 73 km north of London (Cardington) Airport, flight second. However, the test flight accident, hit a pole, cockpit damage. The airship manufacturer Vehicles (Hybrid Air) can send tweets, said in the second flight test, no one was injured. "All the crew are safe." This super aircraft looks like a giant airship, 92 meters in length, than the world’s largest aircraft Airbus A380 is 18 meters long. Last week, the "Big Mac" was the first successful test flight, hovering in the air eight hours after the safe landing at the airport. Strictly speaking, it is a complex of airships and helicopters. Different from the general aircraft, it does not need a runway, is not limited to land landing, can be in the water, ice, desert and other planes can land. Airlander 10, a manufacturer of hybrid air transport, is expected to include commercial use of the voyage, ongoing air research and the delivery of goods to inaccessible areas. The "Big Mac" uses the latest materials, equipped with the latest technology, the latest avionics and the latest computer software, the twenty-first Century aircraft. Aircraft load up to 10 tons, can be modified to accommodate up to 48 passengers, and continuous flight of 5 days, the speed of up to 148 kilometers per hour. Mixed energy air transport companies are also planning to develop 50 ton models. The aircraft may be in civil, first used in petroleum, machinery and mining transportation, or responding to the disaster area transport supplies. Airlander 10 was originally developed for the U.S. military, but then the u.s.. The aircraft should be "mysterious" in the U.S. military, for aerial reconnaissance. But in 2013 the United States military spending cuts, the plan returned to the British home. Developers get funding through government agencies and private donations.相关的主题文章: