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The woman was involved in the vehicle accident just discharged heavy injuries was sent to ICU- Sohu news scene original title: Zigong woman was yache underneath the passers-by lift car rescue force in September 20th at 12 o’clock, Zigong Nanhu international community underground parking lot in front of import and export, a middle-aged woman was hit and involved in off-road vehicles under emergency situation. Passing more than 10 enthusiastic people have stepped forward to help lift the car from the side to rescue the injured. At present, the injured woman is still in hospital for treatment, the injury is more serious. "I was on duty, only to see the car turn left quickly." On the morning of September 21st, witnesses Qiu uncle said that when the incident off-road vehicles quickly, it is estimated that the driver did not find someone in front, directly knocked her down and rolled under the car. After the incident, he ran to see, come together there Nanhu international community more than security, "the woman was underneath, could not move, we do not dare to go, then someone suggested that lift the car." The first to come to the scene of a few passers-by and district security force to lift the car, but the car is too heavy, simply lift. Subsequently, there are more than 10 passers-by came to help, and change the strategy, all hands on the side of the vehicle, the ultimate success of the lifting of the SUV, the woman rescued out, was rushed to the ambulance to the hospital for treatment. "The injured woman is our community a security guard’s wife, he is looking for a husband to talk about the booth." According to the Nanhu international community security team captain Zhou introduced, knocked the women more than and 50 years of age, some time ago just had a car accident, "that discharged soon, results by this henghuo." It is understood that the woman was severe injuries, after surgery is still in ICU ward. According to the Department of East police traffic police brigade accident squadron responsible person, through on-site investigation, a preliminary understanding of the accident and the SUV driver improper disposal and inattention.相关的主题文章: