The whole Sichuan where the most fierce cooling day cool 16.6 degrees Dazhou

The whole Sichuan cooling most fierce where one day Dazhou Wanyuan 16.6 C cool wind blowing, the temperature dropped, so that passengers in Chengdu too. 22, "Snow" solar term is coming, the cold air is coming. This is called the strongest cold air in the second half of this year, to Chengdu brought a serious wind, so that the temperature plummeted. The wind blew endless, the people of Chengdu love hate: on the one hand, it makes Chengdu overnight into the "frozen mode"; on the other hand, it blows away for 8 consecutive days of haze yellow warning signal, the air quality in Chengdu has become a "". The afternoon than in the morning cold temperatures to 8.8 degrees in Chengdu on the morning of 22, Hulun Buir City, the town fell to the lowest temperature of -39.8 DEG C, refresh nearly 30 years since the same period in low temperature. Xi’an ushered in the first snowfall this winter, the snow reached Blizzard level, accompanied by thunder; Zhengzhou roadside stone table covering tens of centimeters high snow, looks like a natural cake…… In Chengdu, there is no good snow, only the wind. On the streets of people blown leaves, messy hair, whirr of the north wind, rain not only robbed of the limelight, is to let Chengdu people feel cold. The coat has not work, even in a down jacket, or feel the wind straight cuffs, neckline in. The Sichuan basin today on the 25 day of cold cold air exit temperature rise to wind back in Chengdu and returned to the air haze in the next three days in Sichuan basin of Chengdu the excellent air cooling, the driving force behind is the second half of this year, the strongest cold air. 22 days 7 points, cold striker has arrived in northern Zhejiang, northern Jiangxi, central Hunan and penetration into the Sichuan basin. The eastern part of the basin in Dazhou Wanyuan 21 cooling, daily maximum temperature is 20.3 DEG C, 22, 14, the temperature was only 3.7 degrees, 16.6 degrees temperature, this feeling, but very specific. A cold, the temperature drops to be caught off guard, at 8 in the morning, Chengdu’s air temperature is 12.1 DEG C, the wind blows, the temperature was reduced, the two in the afternoon, there are only 9.2 DEG C to 6 points, dropped to 8.8 DEG C. In the afternoon than in the morning cold, not only in Chengdu, in addition to Suining, Mianyang and Deyang, other cities in the temperature of the basin in the back". Cold power should not be underestimated. Chengdu is not the winter minimum temperature of 3 degrees centigrade today ~6 buddies, feel from the winter call? At present, Chengdu is not a real winter, but it shares the strength of cold air, Chengdu seems to have suddenly pulled into the winter thought. Please hold on, the cold wave continues to ferment, the minimum temperature has not yet bottomed out, the cooling is underway. Today, continue to accept the test of temperature, the northwest of the basin cloudy cloudy, the rest of the cloudy day with light rain, the lowest temperature of 3~6 degrees, the highest temperature 7~10. Need to be strong in the single digit temperatures, and need more care and long johns jacket. Fortunately, today, not serious to stop the wind. 25, cold air will recede, the temperature will slow recovery. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Wu Bingqingping相关的主题文章: