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The "Westward Journey" bath scene leaked kakitsubata Creek yellow Zitao Liao – Sohu kakitsubata Creek entertainment version of spring’s thirty Sohu entertainment news before the opera version of the "Westward Journey" scene two "spring thirty Niang" bathing scenes out of a video network, Du Ruoxi played a version of "spring thirty Niang" a lot of friends with the big fans of hot topic and focus. From the video, the studio monitor screen can see being filming Du Ruoxi wearing thin shoulders exposed bathrobe, bath. Sometimes the lazy reclining pool, sometimes from the petals pool gently through, "bathing beauty" version of "spring thirty Niang" is very sexy, many netizens fans have said was "surprised". Sharp eyed "big fan", taken out of the studio video in the plot kakitsubata Creek is a super classic drama film in the spring of thirty mother and I, many netizens jokingly commented: "I don’t know peek has not been up to the Tao tao." The kakitsubata Creek for re interpretation of the classic drama also let a lot of fans said there is a new look on opera version of "big".   相关的主题文章: