The universe may only be expanding at a rapid rate rather than accelerating expansion without the ai-ratatouille

The universe may be constant expansion instead of accelerating expansion: not by force of dark matter, researchers in standard cosmology a pillar theory "untenable", because the theory behind the dark matter model was founded 80 years ago, some is too simple. The picture is part of the 3 dimensional map of the universe. Over the past twenty years, scientists have widely accepted the assumption that the universe is driven by the mysterious dark matter, which is accelerating. But recently a group of physicists pointed out that the theory may be wrong. Sina Technology News Beijing on October 31st news, according to foreign media reports, in the past twenty years, scientists have been widely accepted by the mysterious "dark matter", driven by the expansion is accelerating this hypothesis. The theory was first proposed in the 90s of last century, which won the Nobel prize in physics". But recently a group of physicists pointed out that the theory may be wrong. The researchers used a set of databases that were ten times larger than that of the year, and launched a new analysis. They argue that one of the pillars of the model is "untenable" because the theoretical model behind the dark matter was created more than 80 years ago. Contrary to the current understanding of the universe, they believe that the universe is expanding at a constant rate, without the aid of dark matter. The researchers carried out an analysis of 740 La type super planets. The initial analysis is also used in this celestial body. All of these are found by the Harbert space telescope and the large ground-based telescope, but the database used in the latest study is much larger than the original database. "Now that we have a richer supernova database, we can carry out more detailed data analysis." The main researchers, University of Oxford physicist Subir SARCA (Professor Subir Sarkar) Professor said. "We analyzed the latest database containing 740 La type super planets, which is the size of the database used in the original study.". We find that the level of significance used in the evidence of accelerated expansion of the universe is only 3 standard deviations. In order to make significant new discoveries, at least 5 standard deviation, the standard deviation of 3 is not enough." The researchers used a new particle discovered by the Large Hadron collider. The magnitude of the particle’s initial significance was relatively high, at about 3.9 and about $3.4 in December. So there were more than and 500 theoretical papers. In August, however, the scientists found that the significance level dropped below 1 standard deviations, indicating that the initial findings were data errors that did not actually exist. Although there are other evidence support the expansion of the universe is accelerating, but the SARCA believes that these tests are too indirect, "they are carried out in a hypothetical model framework, and the cosmic microwave background is not directly affected by the impact of dark matter". And, although we have detected the Sax Waerfu effect, but it is not enough to think the SARCA "convincing". The researchers said the data show相关的主题文章: