The United States will continue to promote the acquisition of health plan Ciming examination

The United States will continue to promote the acquisition of health plan / reporter Liu Xianghong, Ciming medical editor sun put "is only for the suspension set by the review, rather than the" termination of application ", but not" the termination of the acquisition ". According to speculation the company will terminate the acquisition Ciming medical issue, meinian health official told reporters yesterday that the controlling shareholder of the company and the company currently holds a total of 96.18% medical Ciming equity, the coordination and integration of the business is still in the Ciming examination according to the plan of. According to reports, the Commission to apply for a temporary suspension of the issuance of shares to buy 72.22% stake in the company to review Ciming medical matters, because the Ministry of Commerce on antitrust investigation is still in progress, in accordance with normal procedures still need some time. The health of the United States is expected to obtain the results of the review will be more than the time required for the Commission to respond to the feedback period (ie, October 20th). The company said, to the CSRC for the suspension of the review, the equivalent of a time because waiting to apply for supplementary materials "deferred application"; and in the end, the Ministry of Commerce for examination of material ready, the company may apply for restoration review. In fact, for the United States has Ciming medical health control at present, the controlling shareholder, the listed company holds a 27.78% stake in Ciming examination, the controlling shareholder of the company through its assets and investment holding way Tianyi dimension Ciming examination 68.40% stake. However, the company’s move to provoke competitors to report that the health of the United States and its controlling shareholder’s behavior, the formation of a concentration of operators, should be reported to the Ministry of Commerce Anti-monopoly Bureau antitrust. 2015 health examination market analysis shows that the market share of various types of medical centers in China, accounting for 72.3% of public hospitals, private professional medical institutions accounted for more than 19.6%. The United States health data show that the total market in the United States health Ciming examination, ikang three enterprises only accounted for 2.6%. Health in the United States believes that a healthy physical examination is fully competitive market, there are thousands of public hospitals and other professional institutions to participate in market competition, and therefore there is no basis for the so-called monopoly facts. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: