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The United States and Russia reached a ceasefire agreement in Syria: Syrian army no longer fighting extremism data figure: Russian Air Force bombers in Syria Lattakia base mount a bomb ready to attack the original title: Russia Syria ceasefire agreement according to the Islamic Republic of Iran news agency reported that U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on 10 parties to the conflict in Syria implementation of the new ceasefire agreement. The new agreement is expected to take effect in 12 days. The United States and Russia in Syria to strengthen military cooperation it is reported that Kerrey and Lavrov from the beginning of the talks in Geneva on 9 local time at 9:30 in the morning, until 10 am. After the agreement reached, the two sides said at a news conference, if the agreement can be successfully implemented, will promote the Syria issue as soon as possible to return to the political track brings hope. According to the agreement between the United States and Russia, Russia promised to urge Syria government in a specific area to stop the opposition to military action, the United States asked Syria moderate opposition and "conquering front" and other extremist organizations to draw the line. The new ceasefire agreement will come into force on 12, when the Syria government air and ground forces in the military operations will be limited, no longer to conquer the front as the target of the attack (Note: so). At the same time, humanitarian aid is expected to enter the previously trapped Syria towns. Kerrey said that if the cease-fire agreement can be maintained for 7 days, the United States and Russia will also strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including intelligence sharing and formulate relevant strategies to coordinate the fight against the Islamic state and other extremist organizations. "Today the ceasefire agreement to create the conditions for the parties to the conflict to return to peace talks, the United States is paying an extra effort," Kerrey said, "believe that Russia can fulfill their commitments to put pressure on the Bashar administration, to make it back to the negotiating table." Lavrov introduced, although the US and Russia in early and there is a lack of trust may be fruitless talks, but the two sides to modify the 5 documents to reach an agreement. He said that the new ceasefire agreement is a "concrete and feasible" plan, saying the president of Syria Bashar · Assad has agreed on the contents of the agreement. But he refused to disclose the specific content of the agreement, saying, which contains a lot of sensitive information". Lavrov said that both sides agreed to continue talks next week, "I believe the near future will have positive results". There are comments that, in view of the Syrian government forces and armed opposition in a stalemate in the war in Aleppo, a new ceasefire agreement to implement the risk still exists. Since September, the Syrian army in Aleppo to make progress in military operations in the eastern region of the control area to achieve siege militants. 9, the government military aircraft leaflets, requiring the latter to surrender within 48 hours. The international community have expressed welcome for Kerrey and Lavrov on the parties to the conflict in Syria implementation of the new ceasefire agreement, the United Nations, the European Union, Britain, Turkey and other countries and international organizations have welcomed, hoping to promote a political settlement of the Syria question. The Secretary General of the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Demis Tuula 10, issued a statement on the United States and Russia reached a ceasefire agreement on Syria and the fight against extremist groups such as Syria unanimously welcomed, and urging the parties)相关的主题文章: