The U.S. Congress passed sanctions against DPRK bill submitted to Obama signed – Sohu news-freyja

The United States Congress passed sanctions against North Korea bill Obama signed the Sohu news Xinhua news agency, Washington in February 12, the United States House of representatives from 12 votes to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea’s bill. So far, the bill was passed in both houses of Congress and signed by President Obama. On the same day, the house passed the bill by a vote of 408 votes and 2 votes against it. The bill requires the president of the United States sanctions against individuals or entities in the weapons of mass destruction, munitions, luxury, cyber crime and violations of human rights and other aspects of North Korea with the implementation of measures including the freezing of assets, the prohibition of entry and termination of government contracts. The bill also authorizes the government to spend $10 million annually on media spending and Refugee Aid for North Korea in the next 5 years. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Royce said that North Korea’s recent nuclear test and missile launch show Obama government policy toward the "strategic patience" is not feasible, the government and the Congress must act together, the strict implementation of sanctions, to make North Korea back to the negotiating table. Obama administration officials have expressed support for the sanctions act. Deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs of the United States? Rhodes said 11 days, the government and the Congress on the issue of unison, believe that it is necessary to increase the intensity of sanctions on North korea. The house of Representatives last month passed a similar bill aimed at sanctions against North Korea, but the Senate later on the bill was amended, the increase relates to network crime, according to the new terms of media spending and refugee assistance such as North korea. On 10 January, the Senate voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on North korea. North Korea announced nuclear test on 6 march. This is the fourth nuclear test that North Korea has carried out since 2006. On 7 January, North Korea launched a satellite with a long-range rocket. U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey said in a statement, North Korea’s nuclear test again after a month choose grave provocation, the United States will with partners and members of the Security Council together, take strict measures against North Korea’s move.

美国国会通过制裁朝鲜法案 提交奥巴马签署-搜狐新闻  新华社华盛顿2月12日电 美国国会众议院12日高票通过旨在对朝鲜实施更严厉制裁的法案。至此,法案在参众两院都获得通过并被提交给美国总统奥巴马签署。   当天,众议院以408票赞成、2票反对的表决结果通过该法案。法案要求美国总统对在大规模杀伤性武器、军火、奢侈品、网络犯罪及侵犯人权等方面与朝鲜有往来的个人或实体实施制裁,手段包括冻结资产、禁止入境和终止政府合约等。法案还授权政府在今后5年里每年花费1000万美元用于针对朝鲜的媒体支出和难民援助。   众议院外交委员会主席罗伊斯说,朝鲜近期的核试验和“导弹”发射显示奥巴马政府对朝“战略耐心”的政策是行不通的,政府与国会必须共同行动,严格执行制裁措施,使朝鲜重新回到谈判桌前。   奥巴马政府官员已对这一制裁法案表示支持。美国总统国家安全事务副助理本?罗兹11日说,政府和国会在这一问题上步调一致,都认为有必要对朝鲜加大制裁力度。   众议院上月通过一项旨在制裁朝鲜的类似议案,但参议院其后对议案进行了修改,增加了涉及网络犯罪、针对朝鲜的媒体支出和难民援助等新条款。本月10日,参议院投票一致通过对朝鲜实施更严厉制裁的议案。   朝鲜上月6日宣布进行核试验。这是朝鲜自2006年以来进行的第四次核试验。本月7日,朝鲜用远程火箭发射一颗卫星。美国国务卿克里发表声明称,朝鲜在核试验一个月后再次选择严重的挑衅行为,美方将与伙伴国和安理会成员国一道,针对朝鲜的举动采取严厉措施。相关的主题文章: