The typhoon day only half day, Chen Ju criticized Lai Qingde to apologize in Beijing-ca1835

The typhoon day only "half day", Chen Ju criticized Lai Qingde to apologize – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the "Mei Ji" (mainland called "catfish") the day before yesterday (27 days) the typhoon struck Taiwan, Kaohsiung and other five cities put half a day off, the fallout, the mayor of Kaohsiung Chen Ju and Tainan mayor Lai Qingde yesterday apologized to the public for improper decisions. Chen Ju said, according to the municipal meteorological department, University of Kaohsiung cooperation organization to provide information, the decision to put half a day off, but did not take into account the science limits, climate change is too big. The consideration is not comprehensive, is the responsibility of the mayor, borne by her, and thanks to the understanding of our public". Lai Qingde said, the city is based on the analysis of relevant data to make decisions, to cause inconvenience to the public once again apologize. He said that he served as chief executive, will assume responsibility, future decisions will be more cautious, comprehensive. Xinbei mayor Zhu Lilun said, if the typhoon false, we must first consider the extent to consider the wind and rain, traffic Taiwan iron, high-speed rail and other transportation conditions, the speed with the typhoon "catfish" acts to slow, clean team yesterday morning to start cleaning up the city, north base (the New Taipei City, Taipei City, Keelung city only) to reach a consensus to stop classes closed. Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe said that his former podium wind off, it is said to have finished his bag. The average wind speed of up to seven, gusts up to ten stop classes closed, but should also consider the rainfall and traffic, proposed the "Executive Yuan" personnel office project called the meeting, to see if there is no method more scientific and better develop the typhoon false standard, let everyone on table exercises. Competent personnel to stop and do homework in class natural disaster measures "long Shi Nengjie response, the future such as the" local government "proposal, request to amend the existing view to the" personnel department "can be considered to view or modify.相关的主题文章: