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The Third World Conference in Zhejiang – Wuzhen Internet technology Sohu Xinhua November 18 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Shang Ying Italian, Zhu Jichai) 18 days, under the curtain for a period of 3 days of the Third World Conference of the Internet landed in Zhejiang Wuzhen. During the conference, more than 1600 guests from five continents in more than and 110 countries and regions gathered in Wuzhen to address common to the China President Xi Jinping’s speech and video, leaders of important international organizations responsible person. Around the "innovation driven for the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" theme, candid exchanges, and achieved fruitful results in the exchange of ideas, technology, economic and trade cooperation, consensus etc.. The General Assembly on the Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, Internet governance, international cooperation and other Internet hotspots were held 16 forums, prominent theme, distinctive features, rich and deep; for the first time issued 15 Internet world leading scientific and technological achievements, global convergence of cutting-edge technology to lead the future development; in the "Internet light" from the Expo more than and 310 enterprises at home and abroad, show new products and technology; the Internet World Conference Organizing Committee Secretariat of the expert advisory committee issued a high-level "Wuzhen report", become the consensus conference marking result. The state Internet Information Office Director Xu Lin said in his speech at the closing ceremony, the common destiny of the world by the network space, innovation is the gene of the Internet, the Internet has become an important driving force to drive the engine to lead the economic and social development. To promote the network space interconnection, sharing of governance, is the common expectation of the people of all countries, the Internet is without borders, without borders, countries all over the world in the network space of solidarity and fateful, maintaining network security is the common responsibility of the international community.相关的主题文章: