The Taiwan authorities lifted the Japanese nuclear disaster food hearing detonated (Figure)

The Taiwan authorities lifted the Japanese nuclear disaster food hearing (Figure) – detonated conflicts around Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 14th Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" for 3 days held 10 of Japan’s nuclear disaster to lose hearing Taiwan food. 13, public hearings were held in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Taipei, the continuation of the chaos 12, detonated conflict in the counties and cities, Taipei and even bloody fights. Blue camp is also full of Anti Japanese nuclear disaster food imports. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that 13 days of public hearings in Taoyuan, Taipei, Taichung, Taipei "food agency" stage, site of conflict. The blue camp on behalf of the people shouting "public void", members and the public to have people wounded were injured, in hearing almost all in all martial arts scene embarrassed ended. The KMT legislator Wu Zhiyang and Wan Meiling six Taoyuan City Council held on 13 slogans to protest in Taoyuan hearings, detonated repeatedly pushed the conflict; the organizers announced that the "hearing" in the confusion, the flash from the scene. The KMT Xinbei city councilman Chen Mingyi, Hong Jiajun, Chen Yijun to the New Taipei City Hall hearing expressed dissatisfaction with the scene, quarrel broke out conflict; finally, the blue camp members shouted "hearing invalid, ending", the hearing, the Taiwan authorities have failed to complete the official briefing. Against the opening of Japan’s nuclear disaster food imports Paizhuo people, and support the open mutual choking people: "you dare to let your child eat any food for nuclear disaster", "listen to the presenter can respect the" hot atmosphere, once called the police to maintain order. Taichung hearing "legislators" Jiang Yan Kuanheng departure, with more than 10 members attended a protest, a serious push after 40 minutes, the Taiwan authorities, deputy director of the Department of food and drug Wu Xiuying announced the completion of the hearing, and then go away under police protection. Wu Xiuying said, received a lot of information, has reached the purpose of communication. Taipei also appeared in fierce conflict, "legislator" Jiang Wanan, Fei Hongtai, Kao chin are the scene of protests, work group, group ring shout meeting invalid, the hearing did not begin to end. The site also has the protesters say, Cai authorities opened the Japanese nuclear disaster is "cold food". In 12, took the lead in Chiayi City, by Kuomintang councilman Zhang Xiuhua and speaker Xiao Shuli proposal, please amend the "city building food safety regulations on the exercise of autonomy", nuclear disaster food Forbidden City scarlett. Taichung City Council KMT group 13, also announced that the Council will amend the Taichung City, food safety autonomous regulations, requiring the use of nuclear disaster food lean lean zero detection". (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: