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The Syrian armed offensive capital La IS announced that the United States to provide air support by the Syria armed Kurdish led Syria democratic army announced that 6 of the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) the so-called "capital", the northern Syrian city of La officially launched a general offensive. No internal coordination with Iraq to regain Mosul "Syria democratic army" a spokesman for the day in La 50 kilometers north of EIN Issa held a press conference, announced codenamed "Euphrates fury" offensive began. According to the "Syria democratic army announced plans, which supported by the United States armed forces dispatched about 30 thousand people, will be in the US led international coalition against the Islamic state air support, is divided into two stages to la. The first stage, they will control the surrounding area, the siege of La; the second stage, the advance from 3 directions, eventually seized control of la. "This battle will not be easy, requires precise and careful action," "Syria democratic army spokesman said," the ‘Islamic state’ will defend this stronghold, they clearly lost La means they finished in Syria." Because the Iraqi government forces recently on the Islamic state launched the siege in Iraq last major stronghold of Mosul, "Syria democratic army offensive to the Islamic state faced two pincer attack. In this regard, the Syria democratic army, said the two campaigns did not have internal coordination, but arrived together". La IS planning refers to the overseas attacks stronghold in fact, as early as in late October, U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton · Carter said that the international coalition against the Islamic state will start in a few weeks in Syria military action, surrounded by la. U.S. officials believe it is necessary as soon as possible to start the siege of La, because this is in LA as a stronghold of extremist organizations to plan and launch attacks against foreign targets. French President Francois · Hollande said last month that there is intelligence in Mosul many extremist militants have fled to LA, likely to regroup in there, so it is necessary in the occasion of the siege of Mosul against la. Before 2011, La has a population of about 240 thousand, far more than 80 thousand people have fled the city. Two years after the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, the Syrian armed opposition in 2013 La, won the first capital city of control from the hands of government forces; in January 2014, the Islamic state armed opposition will be out of the city, 5 months after the announced the founding of". Two years ago, this was regarded as the "capital" of the city witnessed the most extreme armed brutality, stoning, beheading and sex trade factor to the thousands of It is often seen.; foreign extremists who are flocking to LA, here was the United States officials called the Islamic state launched overseas attacks "nerve center". According to Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: