The Spurs will be retired Duncan No. 21 Jersey team history first people deserved (video)-660003

The Spurs will be retired Duncan No. 21 Jersey team history first people sweat soaked clothes back to Duncan deserved the Spurs training hall seriously practice free throw spurs next month retired Duncan No. 21 Jersey Tencent sports news November 17th San Antonio’s official website reported that the team will be officially announced on December 18th local time retired Duncan’s No. 21 jersey. Duncan will be the eighth spurs player to enjoy the Jersey retirement. In the summer, 40 year old Duncan announced his retirement, ending his legendary career in the past 19 years. From 1997 to the champion joined spurs, Duncan one, for the team for 19 years, he became one of only 3 teams in over 19 years, one of the players, the other two are Kobe and Stockton. In the 19 season, Duncan led the team to 1072 wins and 438 record, winning percentage reached 71%, which is not only the best record in the NBA history of any one of the 19 year time period, also set up a four North American Sports League record. Duncan is the only player in NBA history to win 1000 regular season games in a single team. Duncan in the Spurs 19 seasons, the team can enter the playoffs every year, won a total of 5 Championship trophy. Duncan is the only player in history who has won the championship in 3 different times. In the last 17 seasons of the year, the Spurs have won at least 50 games a year, which is the longest record of the league’s top 50 wins in the last seasons. But in Duncan’s 19 year career, the Spurs every year to maintain at least 60% winrate, this is also a record of the four major North American sports league. Throughout his career, Duncan scored a total of 26496 points and 15091 rebounds and 3020 blocks, breaking the history of sixteenth, sixth and fifth. Last season, Duncan spurs spurs played the best 67 wins and negative record of the team, he became the history of the top second get at least 26000 points and 15000 rebounds and 3000 blocks of the players, the other is the sky hook, Jabbar. Duncan won 841 career double doubles, ranked fifth in NBA history. Duncan career 15 selected the best line-up, flat record; 15 time all defensive team, hit NBA record; the 15 season also swept the two honors, is the first person in the history. Duncan also won the regular season MVP, 3 finals MVP and the best rookie of the year, the 1 time. In the Spurs on the history of the standings, Duncan scoring, rebounding, blocked shots, playing time and the number of appearances and other major data, the highest first, he assists can also be ranked in team history of third. If the playoffs, Duncan’s achievements even greater. Duncan is the only one in the history in the playoffs the players played at least 9000 minutes, his 164 double doubles and 568 blocks are in the history of the first, the score (5172 points) and rebounds (2859) are in sixth and third. Duncan played in the playoffs (251) ranked second, averaged 20.6 points, 11.4 rebounds and 3 assists. Duncan and Ginobili, also composed of the history of the 126 most wins in the field of the combination of the team, won a total of 575 regular season and the playoffs in the game, are the NBA record of the three. Duncan and pop.相关的主题文章: